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Aquaman is going to make a billion dollars!!!!


I love that this thread is has turned into an analysis of how ‘dreamy’ Jason Momoa is.

For me it’s not that the beard accentuates the contours of his chin but that those eyes pierce you to the very core of your being.


So if it’s all about his personality and not because of his sex appeal, then all the straight men you’ve spoken to are going for the same reason?

Ok, in the face of overwhelming opposition I’ll have to admit that I’ve obviously got hold of the wrong end of the stick here. But in my defence, it’s because the wrong end of the stick was making itself so blindingly obvious.


Julie Sprankles knows where we’re at.


If personality wasn’t a major part of sex appeal I’d still be a virgin.


David would never understand that after his years as a male model and then the shift to 7 Mr Universe titles.


I see an Aquaman cosplay on the cards.


Be careful, you’re going to get @davidm all hot and bothered. He thought Jason Momoa was dreamy before it was cool. :wink:


“My Man!”
“I dig it.”
“That’s badass!”
“I coulda just peed on it.”
Are these the things the future King of Atlantis says? Is this intriguing!? Is this really Aquaman!?
It’s all so hollow. He’s destined to rule 2/3 of Earth and he sounds dumber than Vin Diesel.
It’s gonna do about as well as the solo Solo movie…


He may have been born to be the future king of Atlantis but he wasn’t bred to be. He’s an outsider.


My man!


And he’s here to drain the swamp!

Make Atlantis Great Again!


Talking about future kings of Atlantis, John Cena with hair would make a hell of a Namor.


I still wish we would have gotten Daniel Day Lewis as Namor.


As a method actor, the danger of him drowning would be too great.


Is there any way we can get a John Cena/Kurt Russell buddy film? That would be the ultimate Millarworld movie.


Let’s just throw out the rulebook…


It would be hard to pitch them as coming up together due to the age difference but I would totally be up for that.


You just know he would have gotten gill implants and tiny working wings attached to his ankles.


Yes he’s an outsider and
I want an introspective man of two worlds. If you’ve ever been an outsider, you know you get to look at the world from a more distant perspective and get a better understanding. And he’s an outsider of two worlds and should have a more intricate understanding of both. He should then take that knowledge and forge it into wisdom to be the King he was destined to be. Instead he’s painted as that fun loving bad boy with tattoos that you know or wish you could be. Fun to hang with sure, but no depth to carry a 2 hour movie. The few lines I’ve heard Mera speak paint her far more interestingly than Arthur. It’s unfortunate she’s stuck being a nimrod wrangler!

Aquaman will fail. Yes, fanboys who will see it no matter what will help it – just like with Venom – but not enough. The suits at WB will be disappointed.


You’re making an awful lot of assumptions without having seen the movie.

And he can be fun and be serious in the same movie.