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Aquaman is going to make a billion dollars!!!!


Bumblebee, Mary Poppins and Mortal Engines are out around the same time I think.


Well in the specific case of DP, I think you can make it work with a PG rating, but you’d probably have to plan ahead, to have fun with the censorship :smile:

But yeah, I think it’s very much possible.


Hahaha, I totally saw Bumblebee on the list but forgot it was a Transformers movie. Yeah, that opens the same day as Aquaman, which I think would make a billion nearly impossible. I don’t really see Mary Poppins as much competition since they’re such different movies and I have no read on what Mortal Engines will be like or if there’s any buzz around it. But yeah, lots of potential big movies surrounding Aquaman, so I’ll say no to a billion unless it just opens to rave reviews both critically and from audiences.


Bumblebee movie with actual Generation 1 Transformers opening the same weekend.


The weird thing is, I think you think you’re being unrealistic here :confused:


Yeah, the audience for Conan was full of air-headed, hormonal women having the vapours too. And if this movie does Conan sort of numbers, it’s gonna be a… massive… uh… :confused:


I don’t think it’s anything to do with airheadedness or being hormonal.

If you don’t believe me, ask some women. I’m haven’t just imagined this up, it’s came from conversations I’ve had.


In these conversations, did you ask them why they didn’t go and see Mamoa’s pecs in Conan in sufficient numbers to make it a billion dollar film?


There’s two reasons for that. Firstly, he was still building steam at that point and secondly, it’s a case of character and packaging. Mamoa has become a lot more attractive due to his personality, I haven’t watched Conan but I heavily doubt that came through. It certainly didnt in the trailers. Justice league let it come through and Aquaman certainly will. Several women have told me they are definitely going to see Aquaman and confirmed they have no interest in the story.


Well, I dunno, while I don’t doubt some people do that, I still don’t think those particular cases are enough to really make a difference.

I think it’ll come down to whatever mood the internet/media’s on when it gets released. If people feel like tearing it to pieces, then that’s what’ll happen… and considering we’re talking about Aquaman and the fact that both Momoa and Amber Heard are easy targets for throwing shit at… yeahhh…

At any rate, I don’t see it going above the 800mil (and I’m being optimistic) unless it’s a really really really good movie and manages to generate a ton of buzz.


I think it’ll do fine, but it does need to do a bit more than fine really.


Sounds like we can add Englishmen to that list only they’re upset with the Johnny Come Lately crowd to the Momoa party. :wink:


It’s safe to assume that a shitload of people weren’t familiar with Mamoa until Game of Thrones and Conan isn’t a property that women aren’t immediately drawn to.


I don’t know if he actually is but he looks bigger now than he did in Conan. I really wanted to like Conan but it just kind of fell flat for me too.


I think the beard has a big effect. He’s one of those people where a beard seems to make them broader or something. I’d say he’s putting on bulk continually while keeping in that shape though, definitely.


Age is good to him, plus he is is appreciably bigger than he was.


You’re old enough at this point to know that the appeal of someone isn’t just based on their looks alone, it’s based on their personality too. Evenmoreso for women than with men. Aquaman has a great fun personality, Conan was a lumbering brute (part of the reason it failed so badly). Mamoa feels like the next Dwayne Johnson, and he’s starting with a big superhero character which is in his favor. He’s going to be on a similar arc to Chris Hemsworth. He’s going to be a huge success as Aquaman.


Parker specifically said:

Several women have told me they are definitely going to see Aquaman and confirmed they have no interest in the story.

Maybe they meant “have no interest in the story but love Aquaman’s fun personality”. But that’s not the vibe I got from Parker’s posts.


And John Cena


Au contraire my Deep Purple loving friend. I covered this very subject above…

They don’t care about the story but Mamoa gets to basically be himself on screen. See they know him from outside GOT and Conan and Aquaman - He’s funny, charming, physically attractive in all the right ways and Aquaman is two hours of watching that, not hoping Aquaman saves Atlantis or whatever.

Now I’m not saying that is every woman, just the ones I’ve spoken to. If the story is engaging it’ll be a bonus.