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Aquaman is going to make a billion dollars!!!!


I’m a bit disappointed that WB screwed with the potential in Man of Steel so much. I do like Momoa a lot though. I kinda want to see Momoa and Chris Hemsworth in a buddy film now.




Do I need to say this again? Aquaman was by far my favorite part of Justice League. Aquaman has the potential, in my mind, to be great. Jason Momoa was born for this role, which is hilarious because this version of the character didn’t even exist before him. That’s movie magic right there.


It’s a loooooot more complicated than that. ILM is in the mix, as are Weta, but at least six VFX companies will work on a Marvel film, and the bigger the film the more companies contribute.

On ‘Infinity War’ for example, two different companies (neither of which was ILM) created their own versions of Thanos, which had to match each other, despite the fact that the companies have different, bespoke, animation and rendering systems.

Marvel has a house style, but I believe that’s down to the people in the development process who often start producing designs for people, places, and equipment before the script is finished or the director is hired, and long before a single VFX shot is put into production.

Regarding ‘Aquaman’ as I said in the other thread, I’m onboard for this, I think it looks fun and I’ll be there on the opening weekend.

I don’t want to predict how many other people will be there as well though.


If I’m remembering correctly, the first Iron Man film had a vfx company to do all of the in-helmet, visor effects. Is it not common practice to divide the work up according to what needs to be done in the shot or sequence?


It’s generally the goal, but it doesn’t work out that way all the time, which is why Thanos was developed at two different companies.

Neither of whom had done Thanos in his only big scene before then, in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’.

Rocket and Groot have also been animated by more than one company over the years, places like Asgard have been created by several companies, all the big players and some of the smaller ones have done shots of Iron Man at some point.

The history of the HUD;


I know, it’s a pisstake. They should only do underwater scenes with real effects. Use a real seahorse to ride on, maybe one with forced perspective. A film set in Atlantis is crying out for practical effects.



I’m only interested in seeing what they do visually with the underwater stuff… in terms of “tone” and overall feel, it seems WBDC just caved in and are going full Disney, which is disappointing to say the least (although, to be fair, we’ll see what they do with the Joker movies) because we’ll still get “samey” but from another brand.

Oh, also, considering how much Venom got trashed, I wouldn’t get my hopes up for Aquaman to fare better with critics and commentators, which could do some real harm.


What would make you consider that? Venom was superhero as horror comedy, Aquaman is a traditional hero’s journey. It has far more in common with the first Thor than with Venom.

It’s kind of funny that we’re talking about the Marvel movies being “samey” and contrasting this with it. It feels very much like the kind of movie Marvel makes to me. Fun ride, lots of humorous one-liners, typical hero’s journey with a conservative structure. Momoa’s Aquaman is a lot like Hemsworth’s Thor, too, with a bit of surfer dude thrown in.


I dunno, sort of a hunch / pattern… plus critics are fickle as fuck, and I got a feeling Aquaman’s also gonna be a target.


This thread is really underestimating the appeal of this film to women. Based on Jason Mamoa alone this is going to hit 50 Shades interest with him as it’s central star right now. Critics didn’t matter with that, either.


Sounds like they’re underestimating Jason Momoa’s appeal to Irish men too. :wink:


My tickets to the harpoon show are already booked!!


Parker’s dreaming of me him and Mamoa making a trident of our own.

You’re welcome for me ruining this movie now.


I’ll never be able to look at a trident the same again.


I’d be pretty surprised if Aquaman managed a billion dollars. What it has going for it, I suppose, is the release date. Not a ton of competition other than the animated Spider-Man movie that opens a week earlier and Glass (which opens 3 or so weeks later). What it has going against it? Justice League bombed and this is the first DCU movie since that mess of a movie. And that mess was also Aquaman’s intro.

I could see the movie going either way at this point, but a billion seems hard considering only 6 Marvel movies have even managed that. And the Marvel brand has way more good will than the DC brand right now.


Actually, no… there’s a PG re-release of DP programmed sometime near it, and other stuff too, I just can’t remember off-hand… it won’t have such an easy time.


Oh, I forgot about the weird Deadpool thing. It wasn’t on the list of releases I was looking at. And there’s always all those award season movies around then, so if one of those could take away business too. But mostly I was thinking it was the only blockbuster type movie being released for a while. At least that I noticed where I checked.


If they pull off that PG DP it changes a lot of things. Through Fox, Disney can release more adult superheroics and still have them crossover into the MCU.