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Aquaman is going to make a billion dollars!!!!


That is all.

This and Shazam have me way more interested in DC suddenly after years of total disaster, exactly when Marvel seems a bit (can we really admit this?) samey. Much like 2006, I wonder if this is when the zeitgeist shifts. A very interesting year ahead. I didn’t love Avengers as much as a lot of you, but it really does feel like the conclusion to the Marvel moment in some ways. I’d love to see DC pick up the gauntlet now. It could be great!



DC have completely turned things around and seem to be a more fun and free version of Marvel with less knowing characters. Aquaman looks amazing, I think international audiences will eat it up.

Imagine a Superman movie as fun and carefree as Aquaman looks!


That’s the only way you’d get me to watch a movie with Superman in it now!


Just saw the new trailer - yeah, this looks like it could be good.


I get the same sort of vibe from it that I got from the Black Panther trailers. It just looks and sounds right, it is colourful and dynamic. I think a billion is a possibility.


I’ve just realised that I’m pretty sure every woman I know will be going to see it.

For… reasons.


I love the scale they’re going for, and the visuals and action look amazing. Aqua-Bro is the biggest hurdle for me. It’s definitely something different for the DCEU, though, and I’m optimistic.

I can’t agree about Marvel, though. The last 5 Marvel movies were Ant-Man and the Wasp, Infinity War, Black Panther, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Thor: Ragnarok. None of those feel like the other, to me.


What is everyone smoking in this thread?!?!


Now that I look back, it hasn’t aged well at all (and maybe rose-colored glasses were on in the first place).
What I keep noticing about the first Avengers ('cause I keep bumping into it on TV) is a lot of scenes look like I’m watching an average budget TV show.
They’ve done very well, but I often wonder how.

Aquaman does look very good. A Billion dollars? Maybe.
If it’s good, and they get good word of mouth, then matching WW’s $821,847,012 (worldwide) could be possible.
$750m would be a huge success (and my optimistic prediction).
Good luck to them!


It’s a bit early but I’m just not sold on all the spectacle. I need something in the story to hook me, and it hasn’t happened yet.

On the other hand, I never had any interest in Black Panther so it could just be I’m not in the target for it.


Don’t see it myself. But, as I’ve said elsewhere, I’m clearly no longer the intended audience for these films. So, what do I know?


It does look like they’ve got the spectacle down, and they have a charming lead, and the movie has a sense of fun about it.

I doubt it’s quite going to make a billion dollars. But it’ll do fine, I’m sure.


I could be wrong but I believe Mark was referring to Infinity War, not the first Avengers film. I too catch bits and pieces of Avengers fairly often and I can see what you are saying. The down scenes are poorly blocked and stiff (this is the case with all Whedon and Russo films), and there is a lot of them. The first Avengers film has fallen a bit in my estimation over the last few years, but I still like it a lot and it was a great moment when it came out.

I definitely agree with Mark on the “samey” factor on the Marvel films, and have been feeling that way for quite a while. It can be a feature or a bug, depending on the viewer (another way to phrase “samey” might be “consistency”). For me it’s a little stale. Like my knee-jerk reaction to the Captain Marvel trailer was “I feel like I’ve already seen this movie 8 times.”


And Green Lantern was one of them. :dizzy_face:


Ironically, though, Aquaman looks like DC’s completely taking the Marvel approach… which may actually lead to more success with critics, fans and at the box office.


The trailer has a lot of that C-level Whedon-style humor that plague Marvel films (even the ones written by Whedon), and they are clearly overcompensating for the “smile more” criticisms they get, but visually I don’t think it looks like a Marvel movie at all.


Only because Marvel hasn’t done a Namor movie yet.


I just think the visuals look like crap, especially the underwater scenes. It doesn’t feel like they’re underwater. It looks like bad green screen.

The ultimate dream project would be Namor the Sub-Mariner directed by James Cameron. That would be incredible.


I think it looks like it came right out of a Thor movie.


I don’t think there is anything as visually thrilling in a Thor movie as the pickup truck racing the tsunami in that trailer.

EDIT: If you’re referring to the look of the underwater kingdom itself, I mean it’s ILM which does most of the Marvel movies. All of these movies’ fantasy worlds are, visually, just echoes of stuff Peter Jackson and George Lucas did in the early 2000s which makes sense as so many of them are either Weta or ILM.