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Aquaman Discussion (SPOILERS)


This includes gags like[ Aquaman hitting on Wonder Woman] ( while under the influence of the Lasso of Truth. Wan didn’t want this approach in Aquaman . Daly explained: We could have gotten a whole movie about Aquaman basically fawning over Mera the whole time and making all kinds of dirty jokes and things like that and they really had to get away from that, which is all what Whedon had done

I thought the lasso moment was funny. It worked. Which none of the dialogues with Mera and Arthur did in Aquaman, so… yeah.

If Whedon is the one who made Momoa aquadude, it was a pretty good idea. As a character, he’s way more fun in JL (even if he’s two-dimensional) than he is in Aquaman, where he really doesn’t have much character at all.


I agree that a lot of the dialogue in Justice League worked better than any of it in Aquaman did, and I’m going to say that’s down to Whedon, but neither film seems to fully have what it sounded like Snyder was going for. That heavy-drinking, tortured soul. The dangerous one. Like Wolverine as the cage fighter at the start of X-Men. I want to see that guy struggle with becoming king.


Ugh, I don’t know, man. I mean, Wolverine is fine, but I don’t really need tortured soul Aquaman. I like cool surfer Aquadude just fine.

Bloody Snyder with all his tortured-ness. Hey, let’s make Superman a tortured soul! And Aquaman, too! Okay, Batman is tortured anyway, but I’ve got this great way to make Cyborg a tortured soul, too! Now I just need to think about why The Flash is a tortured soul!

Honestly, I wish they’d just give any further Justice League movies to Whedon. Not that there are going to be any in the foreseeable future, anyway…

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Ehhh… no thanks. Just hire someone new… :smile:

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I’m guessing it’s not going to be an issue anytime soon.


Q. Who really decided what Aquaman was like?

A. Warner Bros.

By committee, but still, it was the studio that had final say.

Snyder, Whedon or even Wan; they all had to get their chosen approach past the head office.


I tried my best to like this… I thought I would like it… It was awful. I couldn’t find any real redeeming qualities that made watching it worthwhile, even Mamoa seemed to have lost all his charm.

I guess… The first action scene was great and the second, on the submarine, was good (though I burst out laughing at Mamoa’s first line delivery), but even at that point no character was making any reasonable decisions bar those escaping the submarine, despite no one involved with this film knowing how submarines work as it stays afloat simply because it was pushed to the surface.

Nothing here after made any real sense as every character continued to make unmotiveless decisions to further a plot which doesnt seem to know how big either the sea or the desert is.

Every attempt to make a couple out of Mamoa and Heard contained the type of romance you’d see in a TV advert for something like toothpaste where it has absolutely no place being there and the actors met two minutes before filming.

Every establishing shot of Black Manta is like something out of Power Rangers.

Any actual cool visuals were ruined by not being clear as to why they were even happening, with the final undersea war seemingly overdubbed with ripped off Star Wars sound effects and ruined by the fact it is practically forgotten five minutes later as some sort of WW1 Christmas Truce seems to fall into effect because Nicole Kidman turns up despite the set up of the movie being how she basically fakes her death to stop a war with the land even though the war under the sea is about having or not having a war with the people on land.

An absolute waste of my time.



Yes, and?
Sorry it didn’t work for you. It’s definitely got a lot working against it.


To be fair, it would actually have been awesome if the movie was self aware enough to make a cool tongue in cheek creative choice like that.


Well finally wathed this… Loved it. I can see why it broke the billion, it’s the perfect fantasy/adventure movie, a great re-telling of the Sword in the Stone/Arthurian legend tale.

Yes Black Manta was a bit unnecessary (after the opening scenes that is), but eh… it wasn’t that big of a deal anyways, didn’t really bother me.

The pacing was really quick, but I guess they had a lot of ground to cover, and honestly I think they did it very well. I was okay with all the characters… sure they all lacked some depth, but again, the movie had waaay too much ground to cover… in the end they give just enough to get the gist of each one, so mission accomplished… barely.

As for the “bad”… well, the obvious… the FX was not the most awesome thing ever, and it’s kind of a shame… I mean, I guess you could see this as something that was released 6-8 years ago, and by that metric it’d be amazing… point is, in a decade it’ll look like crap anyways, so I guess there’s no point of being nitpicky about the quality, because considering the amount of CGI, this movie ain’t gonna age well… at all… :smile:

However, despite the serviceable FX, visually it’s a real treat. The designs are amazing, the photography is pretty good too, some shots are really beautiful, and they really did some cool things with camera movements, which fit perfectly for that underwater 3D-ier environment. Also, despite all the battles and everything going on at once, they still managed to keep it cohesive enough to follow what was happening, which is commendable in such an explosion of CGI stuff.

Really good movie. I’m surprised at how simple, BUT effective it was. As I said, a great exemple of a classic tale’s re-telling, which is something recent movies have been miserably failing at.

I really would like to see what someone like James Cameron would do visually with this… or at least the people working with him. His visual quality on this movie, man, that would’ve been something.

Anyways, good job to everyone involved, they do deserve that billion+. But still… fuck WB for completely messing up all the goodness they had in their hands… I regret not seeing this on a big screen, but fuck them I ain’t giving them any money… u_u

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Just watched this last night and…
Just wow.

Oh can something that batshit crazy be so obvious and boring?


Wow you really found that boring? huh…


So did quite a lot of people, if you look upthread.

I thought it was still entertaining enough, but it was incredibly predictable, the plot was very silly and by the numbers at the same time, and the dialogues were just terrible.

There was other stuff about it that was good. I agree about the design (and said as much in my own post about the movie way up) and I liked a lot of the action.


I really liked it when I saw it, but I doubt I will ever watch it again. I mean, it was fun and colorful and all, but the acting was fuckawful and literally nothing surprising happened in it at all. You don’t really get more by the numbers than Aquaman.

Even rote, formulaic Marvel movies like Doc Strange and Captain Marvel at least tried to throw the occasional curveball or deviate from the path in front of them a little bit (Strange with the cool boss fight at the end and the triply visuals and action scenes, Captain Marvel with the Skrulls twist.)

Don’t get me wrong, Aquaman had a lot going for it, but almost all of it was visual. Fine, but very forgettable a week later, you know?

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How many times can a person get interrupt…


Apparently :grinning:


Aquaman is one of the most enjoyable viewing experiences I’ve had in a while, but not because it’s a good movie.

Some set up: Not long after Christmas, I met up with my two best friends from high school for the day. First we saw If Beale Street Could Talk (good, but not as good as Moonlight), then we got BBQ and hung out at a comic shop for a while, before capping the day off with Aquaman. (Hell of a double feature, right?) We knew going in that it wasn’t going to be a good movie, but I don’t think any of us were prepared for how hilariously bad it would turn out to be. Or just how bizarre an ending it would give the day.

I will say the underwater visuals, from the designs to the way people move and speak, are well-executed and show a lot of imagination. That whole sequence with the light-sensitive sea monsters is great. Probably the DCEU’s greatest visual, with this movie’s final battle close behind it. Patrick Wilson played a decent villain, too. He put his all into it and did not have to.

But man, this is one of the most unintentionally hilarious movies I’ve ever seen. I’m sure seeing it with old friends played a role but the movie did the heavy lifting. That Pitbull Toto remix? What the fuck was that about? I read Wan trying to justify it as leaning into the movie’s ridiculousness but I think the actual Toto song would’ve accomplished that just fine. No need to bring the Nickelback of rap into it. And man, it takes next level shitty moviemaking to ruin a classic like “It’s No Good.”

It’s been a few months so I can’t remember any specific lines of dialogue but we were laughing at pretty much anything Momoa said, except his jokes. The romance scenes and rapid-fire tonal shifts were even sillier. So much of this movie just feels half-assed, like the filmmakers agonized over the underwater scenes and then got senioritis for the rest of production.

The above water scenes–about 40% of the movie–just looked dreary. The Sicily fight had its moments but nowhere else had any sense of place. Why did the lighthouse and its grounds have to be CGI?

All in all, though, I can’t say I’d want this movie to be any different. It didn’t need to disrespect Depeche Mode like it did, but otherwise its badness is almost fascinating. Trainwrecks aren’t usually this fun to watch, and for me at least that makes Aquaman sort of special.

And credit where credit’s due: this movie’s biggest hurdle was making the underwater stuff look good and it succeeded at that and then some.