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Aquaman Discussion (SPOILERS)


And an Amazon and a bunch of others too.

Who were obviously busy.


Yeah, honestly it would have been more interesting seeing the Atlanteans actually fighting the surface starting with the world navies and having Aquaman really having to be a bridge between both worlds to keep it from turning into a full out World War.


Maybe this is like the Bourne movie showing events from the previous films from a different angle?

In this case, this is what was going on in the NTI city during ‘The Abyss’.


The movie was fun but did squander a lot of obvious potential. The undersea kingdom looked like it was just fine, but the could have made it more obvious surface pollution and conflicts were having a detrimental effect bringing them ultimately to a crisis point and giving Orm more justification to take control for the good of his people.

Also, none of the Atlanteans really know Arthur and have no reason to trust him just because he has the Trident. Some giant sea monster lobbing a pitchfork to you is no basis for government. (To be honest, though, it is a little off putting that supposedly advanced superhuman societies like the Amazons and Atlantis are actually ruled by monarchies. Apparently inbred royalty in the case of Atlantis)

It would be nice if there had been more dissent than just Meera. Maybe set up a future Aqualad character who helps them both escape. Maybe that’s who the young Prince is supposed to become(?). He was cut away to a lot during the final battle but there was no pay off to it.

Also, had there been conflict between the Atlanteans and the surface, we could have been introduced to human characters who would play roles in future adventures. Unless they plan to set all the movies in the deep sea.


Well, that strategy always works on Risk.

Another sidenote: there certainly was a lot of de-aging going on in this movie. It worked well for Kidman, less well for Dafoe. And they also had to use it a little with Patrick Wilson, who was a weird choice to play Momoa’s younger brother, much as I like him.


Clearly Morrison’s DNA is really strong.





I’m always sceptical of these articles, but it’s interesting to see the things they did to sell the movie. Which ones made a difference is up for grabs?


It’s called “casting Jason Momoa”.


Speaking of someone who wanted to watch a fun action movie with a kid around Christmas, I think the biggest factor is lack of competition. It was either this or Bumblebee, and I have no interest in the Transformers movie franchise.

(I should add that I’d have preferred to go see “Spider-Man: Into…”, but I suspect that this kind of animated superhero movie is more of a fringe thing - or at least, so the German cinema movie programming suggests, as I could’ve seen that one only at weird times of the day.)


Bumblebee looks like a soft reboot really, but I haven’t seen it yet.

‘Aquaman’ is up to almost $600m globally. Lack of competition is a factor, but there’s more to it than that.


Yeah, I think it really is a Jurassic World kind of thing. Sometimes, the movie doesn’t have to be particularly good and it’s enough to sell a kind of excitement.

Sidenote: Aquaman made almost half of its current box office in China. I think some of the cheesiness that grates on Western audiences may just not be a problem there.


It’s 100% a reboot.
It’s also 90% a prequel to the original movie.

The magic of reshoots and added scenes.


I’m not sure about lack of competition, really. Mary Poppins, Bumblebee and Into The Spider-Verse all targeted the same audience around the same time and this is a period where people traditionally stay home with family rather than go to the movies. It still got people with families out to see it.


Bumblebee is nothing like the Bayformers movies. It’s its own animal, a true Generation 1 Transformers movie with heart and action. I like it a little more than Aquaman.


Saw it last night. Loved it. A great combination of epic and fun characters, and a world we’ve never seen before in film. I suspect that’s a combination a lot of those moviegoers dug.



So yeah Aquaman.
Weird movie.
Basically, a whole bunch of entertaining scenes squished together from different types of films.
Now it wasn’t bad but it was um good in a sense that these scenes would have been highlights in other films but strung together here just… weird.

The most off-putting thing was the music.
Seriously who the hell was overseeing this mess?
Honestly, there was absolutely no throughline between the music from scene to scene.
Someone just hit shuffle and thought fuck it that’ll do.

weird as I said.


I hadn’t thought about that, but that’s a great way to explain it. We saw finally saw it yesterday and while there were some stuff that made me roll my eyes - specifically the goofy jokes and posing in the fights - I enjoyed it enough that I’ll see the sequel.