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Aquaman Discussion (SPOILERS)


In many ways, it’s a lot like Jupiter Ascending, which bombed, but also like Jurassic Park, which was a huge success. So… Who knows. Could go either way, where financial success is concerned.


It’s already made $364 million and hasn’t opened in a ton of markets and has only been open one day in the US. There shouldn’t be much doubt about its financial performance.


I sort of liked some of this, and some of the other cheesy elements you complained about. This movie is like if Nolan and the Marvel U never happened…it’s very much a 90s and an early-00s superhero movie with late-10s special effects. Fortunately for me, I like the superhero movies of that era. I couldn’t believe the last line of this movie literally was “I am Aquaman.” That is both terrible and awesome.


Yeah, and I agree…it’s sorta charming.
Just like with Wonder Woman (and almost with Black Panther) the more these movies seem to exist in a vacuum the better.


I kind of mentioned before, but when Aquaman tells Vulko something like “You taught me everything I know, Cobra Kai”, I wanted to punch someone.

And… because of that, I flashed back to Karate Kid II’s ending during the final sequence with the water shield technique…


Jeeeesus first people complain about the DCU being “too dark”… now they complain about it being “too silly”… make up your minds!!! (j/k) :smile:

Anyways, I was gonna go watch this last wednesday but I started feeling really bad in my stomach so I stayed home (and that was a good call 'cause I got a bad case of the shits, which would’ve been… not good in the cinema =P).

I’ll try to catch it this week, though it might be a bad idea, being the holidays and all. So I dunno… I kinda don’t want to go to the cinema, but I kinda want to see this one on the big screen… ugh first world problems in the third world… :smile:


Things I just found out… DCEU is not a term Warner Bros uses. In fact, they do not have a name for the shared world of DC movies.

Personally, I think that’s not a bad approach. They don’t need a name for it to make the movies.


The official name is apparently “Worlds of DC” but that sounds like crap, so I am never saying it out loud.


AQUAMAN was all right. I was entertained even though it was a little dumb. It didn’t remind me of a Marvel movie (I haven’t seen Black Panther, though), but it did remind me of Man of Steel. I thought the effects were pretty great for the most part, and it was mostly a fantasy adventure even more than a superhero movie. I was a little put off by the sheer amount of casualties in the film. Sure, it was a war, but Aquaman didn’t seem too concerned about limiting the carnage among his people. I thought the Black Manta portions were interesting if really too cut down and simplified. The movie in general could’ve used a smarter story and a lot better dialogue, but I can’t really complain since it’s no worse than any number of shonen anime I’ve enjoyed.


Yeah, that was another one of those moments that made quite a lot of people in the theatre laugh.



Cheesy and bad. It’s quite self aware but still, that’s a lot of cheese for a single meal.

In a good mood you can enjoy the shiny plastic, vulcan-ish, armour worn by the Atlantean troops, the bright colours, a lot of explosions and the flash-back-to-the-80’s that permeates the whole thing.

My imagination says that James Wan was giggling the whole time he was making this; seeing VFX tests of the bioluminescent underwater stuff for the first time and thinking “I could have an electronic score just like ‘Tron’!”.

I’ve been saying this a lot but; there’s a better film to be made from all this.

But any film that has an octopus playing the “dramatic fight music drums” isn’t trying to be better, it’s just trying to be fun.


Oh yeah, the octopus was another of those moments that made me shake my head. I mean, that kind of thing is fine in a Pixar underwater movie, but… well, wow.


I thought he fumbled the joke a bit.

You need to hear the music start and THEN cut to the octopus.

It’s also another film where thousands die because two guys are fighting over their birthright, and then when it’s over everyone is supposed to get back to normal.

And Black Manta is the least self-aware bad guy in a long time. Orm’s a nazi but Manta is just an asshole.


Yeah, but to be honest that’s less of a problem here than it was in, say, Black Panther which went for overall realism.

The thing with his father was another plot point that was just daft: Of course Aquaman went on later about how he made an enemy for life not helping the father bla bla bla, but the truth is that guy and his dad were walking around killing innocents out of greed and honestly as far as life lessons to be taken from this go, the only thing he should’ve done differently is killing Manta as well.


Yeah, that comes off a lot better in the comics, where Aquaman actually kills Manta’s dad, rather than doing a Batman Begins and leaving him to die.

Considering Green Lantern and Aquaman take so much from their respective Geoff Johns run, they both miss the most important parts.


It’s weird.
But the majority of fans I come across really like the idea that Manta hates Aquaman…just because. They feel like it adds a genuine flavor and iconic-ism to their conflict.
And I agree.

I actually disliked the “killed dad” motivation from the new 52, and the autism motivation, and the rape motivation…the black power motivation was pretty good only if because it was a hoax/scam.

The movie did a job combining the two. Having Black Manta already want to take on Aquaman for the sheer challenge of it - but then having those feelings amplified by this dad’s death. Felt like the best of both worlds.


I thought the motivation was handled in such a heavy-handed way that I was actively rooting FOR Manta.


Manta is a good example of the Batman problem.

He’s smart, physically very fit, skilled with weapons and unarmed combat plus he’s utterly ruthless.

But against someone who can get shot in the chest with a grenade and then get up again (after saying ‘Ow.’) he’s totally outclassed.

So then he gets some super-technology, makes a flying suit that fires energy beams from it’s eyes and has blades that’ll cut a super-human and… he still gets his ass kicked.

It’s tough being human in a superhuman world.


To be fair, non-retractable wrist tasers were a mistake.


It was a bit of a bad plan. Oceanmaster wants to declare war on the surface but he spends the whole movie fighting other Atlantans.

Even if he wins the battle, he’s lost 30% of his army and replaced them with troops that hate his guts. Now he has to face the armies of the surface who may not have laser sharks (good luck using those in Chicago or Phoenix), but who do have an excessive amount of nuclear weapons… not mention a Superman.