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Aquaman Discussion (SPOILERS)


Black Panther over Infinity War??!!


Absolutely. But we should probably wait until Aquaman comes out in the US and make this its own thread.


If we’re doing it, then let’s get to listing.

  1. Deadpool 2
  2. Venom
  3. Incredibles 2
  4. Infinity War
  5. Spider-Verse
  6. Aquaman
  7. Teen Titans Go to the Movies/Black Panther
  8. Ant-Man and the Wasp



Because an Aquaman movie had a better chance of being made.


Yeah, that’s one of the things I avoided mentioning because of spoilers, but by the third “interrupted by a sudden explosion” occurrence, I was laughing.



I haven’t been this annoyed or restless watching a film, since Independence Day: Regurgitate …I really wanted it to be good, but I thought it was a total mess.

I didn’t mind Jason Momoa or Amber Heard, and there are some nice CGI shots. But the script is so piss poor that there wasn’t much saving it.

The music did my head in. Especially during the Sahara sequence. The Pitbull cover of Africa was painful. And all the plinky-plonky comedy stings when Arthur and Mera were going back and forth at each other, made me cringe.
As did the stupid guitar riff anytime Momoa did anything remotely cool looking.

This film did not need to be over two hours. There are at least four instances of two characters talking, they stop, and then theres an explosion and a bunch of bad guys pour in. And the battle sequence at the end seemed to drag on and on.

So yeah…I hated it.


There were four, which is at least three too many. :sweat_smile:


Oooooo fuck this is all sorts of awwwwful




For maybe the first third of the movie, I thought it was pretty dumb. By the last third I thought it was pretty great. It’s the rare superhero film to be saved by the big CG climax. Usually these movies are ruined by their big CG climax (Black Panther being the most recent example). So that was weird.

The dialogue was pretty bad (my kingdom for a superhero movie without “jokes”). The acting…eh, a little touch and go. The design and the worlds were pretty cool though. A couple of other quick stray thoughts:

I thought the classic-style costume with the gold scales looked like a million bucks. There were a few modifications of course, but I wish more superhero movies didn’t shy from the tried-and-true comics outfits.

It occurred to me while watching this that the Marvel cinematic heroes all have daddy issues, and the DC ones all have mommy issues. That’s kind of funny.

Anyway, not a bad time at the old movie theater. It was too long, of course, but all movies are.


I saw Aquaman last week and I gotta say I loved it. It was (to me at least) epic. I liked the characters. The world building was also good. Getting to see the different kingdoms was also nice to have. There were weird music choices. The score was good but i didn’t like that pitbull song. It was unnecessary and just no. I gotta say though, that when I got out of the movie and sat in my car for a while, I felt overwhelmed at how much I got from the film. There were a lot of things to like and enjoy from this movie. Just the fact that they made and Aquaman movie and Aquaman, Mera, Orm, and Black Manta are all in their suits that were ripped right out of the comics. I mean, yes!

So overall, I enjoyed this film very much and looking forward to a sequel with James Wan at the helm. It’s an 9/10 for me. :smile:


Yeah, LOVED the Black Manta costume.



I’m pretty sure it wasn’t an either/or scenario.


Man, this film really didn’t work for me. I wasn’t all that enthused going in (I was okay with the first trailer, but the second really put me off) and the film basically met my expectations. I thought the CGI in the land-based scenes looked really dodgy, Amber Heard’s Mera felt off (she never really felt otherworldly or exotic in the way that Gadot’s Diana does, or, conversely, as fun as Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie) so the chemistry between the leads was non-existent, the film had a different tone every 5-10 minutes (from the over-the-top melodrama of Tom Curry and Atlanna to the weird screwball comedy in some of the scenes between Aquaman and Mera), and Momoa was…Momoa.

There are definitely some effective sequences (there’s an attack that Aquaman and Mera have to fight off towards the end of the second act that’s very effectively executed) and I actually really liked Black Manta throughout, but I found myself mentally zoning out through a lot of the movie.

If I were ranking the DCEU films, I’d go:

Man of Steel
Wonder Woman
Batman V Superman
Justice League
Suicide Squad


So, on the plus side:

  • There were some spectacular visuals.
  • Many of the action scenes were spectacular, as well.
  • The plot rushes along at a pace that means stuff keeps happening too quickly to get properly bored.
  • Anything can happen. No idea is too silly for this movie, and sometimes that’s quite fun.
  • The design work. I liked a lot of it.

And on the bad:

  • Awful dialogue. Just terrible. “Atlantis does not need a king, it needs someone better.” “But mother, what’s better than a king?” - “A… HERO!”. I didn’t laugh at the bits I was supposed to laugh it, but I - and others in the cinema - laughed quite a bit in places where we weren’t supposed to. So, that’s not a good sign. And yeah, in contrast to Robert, I’m a big fun of good banter and characters being witty in action movies, but this was not that. All the lines fell flat.
  • The cheesiness. Dear God. I mean, even apart from dialogue like quoted apart, there are so many moments in which there is so much posing going on, so many BIG EMOTIONAL moments with over-the-top music. Yeah, those also made me chuckle more than once.
  • The plot. It’s silly, it’s predictable, it’s by the numbers. Also, there’s too much of it. The whole Indiana Jones thing with the message in the bottle is beyond silly.
  • The characters. See above. It’s also really funny how 90% of the time, Arthur is supposed to be a dumb log, but at the same time, he knows all the Roman emperors (because apparently his lighthouse keeping, hard-drinking father made him study them because… uh…) and, for some reason, Russian. It’s one of those movies where you are just expected to buy into it all because, hey, haven’t we seen enough movies with characters like this? It’s all very shoddy.
  • Amber Hearst. I didn’t think she and Jason Momoa didn’t have any chemistry at all, which is another reason why all those scenes when they were trying to do an Indiana Jones/Romancing the Stone kind of thing completely fell flat.

So, yeah, that looks like a lot more bad than good, but the truth is, I still felt entertained enough. The bad stuff doesn’t matter all that much because 90% of the movies is action scenes and sweeping shots of weirdo underwater cityscapes and creatures - the story is only there to take you to those moments. So if you manage to not pay too much attention to all the daftness, it’s a fun enough ride.


Ouch, this doesn’t really sound like a movie I’m going to love. It will still make a lot money though I think.

I might see it after the holidays.