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Aquaman Discussion (SPOILERS)


Out in the UK tomorrow, but not in the US until the end of next week. Reviews will be out this evening.

DC Cinematic Universe - Wonder Woman, Justice League and More

I think Aquaman may be a movie that even if the reviews are bad, it will still be a hit.


Better than I expected at least.


yeah but the puns on the other hand… =/


Well the consensus so far is that’s it’s uneven and a bit “meh” story-wise… however the visuals seem to be REALLY good, which is what I was waiting to hear…so I guess I’ll be going to watch this for the spectacle…

I’m honestly not expecting much from the “new” DC movies… just more MCU-like humour and adventure… but I really hope the visuals are, not so much great, but new and fresh and something I’ve never seen before… yes I know I’m probably asking a bit too much, but eh, let a guy daydream =P

Anyways, I’ll report back when after I watch it.


Jason Momoa is no substitute for Vincent Chase. I think I’m sitting this one out.


That was fun. Not great, but very enjoyable once the action gets going. They could have gotten to Atlantis sooner, as there’s a bit too much setup, and then parts of the climax feel rushed.

There’s not much plot, but I liked both Momoa and Heard, and loved most of the action scenes. Patrick Wilson isn’t given much to do as a bad guy, but he does it fairly well.

The deaging effects look pretty good on Willem Defoe, but “young” Temuera Morrison looks weird in the opening scenes. Morrison’s only 20 years older than Momoa, but he still looks like he’s in his late 30s in the flashbacks, which makes him seem too young in the modern day scenes, especially as Momoa is supposed to be at least five years older than Patrick Wilson. I wish they’d just hire younger actors. There’s no need for it to be Morrison in the flashbacks.

Mera seems to be the only woman in Atlantis, or at least the only one to get any lines and screen time. No wonder Patrick Wilson wants to marry her.

Also, Sicily looks lovely in this movie. I hope the tourism department paid them well.


What did you think of the visuals?


It all looked good, but I actually preferred the real world stuff in Sicily to the underwater CG-fest of the final battle.


Well this is the one movie where I’d expect it to be 90%+ CGI, so yeah… =P

But good to know the land scenes are also good… thanks!


Took advantage of that Amazon Prime early ticket deal, and just got out of my showing.

And, well, it’s decent.
More than anything else, I thought it was pretty okay.
There are things that don’t quite work that well. The third act slows to almost a crawl in comparison to a very vivid and very exuberant middle section. Momoa and Heard don’t have any chemistry together. And a lot of the plot is moved forward and dealt with in a very blunt and perfunctory manner.
But - to the credit of Wan and everyone working behind the scenes - they do the best they can to mitigate the effects of those…and pretty much pull it off.

It helps ease away from those aspects by having a ton of humour. Some didn’t hit with me, but a lot did, and it reminds me a lot of Thor: Ragnarok in that regard. Where it uses comedy to patch up a lot of scenes. So, that’s a good thing. With regards to the romance - while the leads don’t have much sparks between them - the writers clearly knew how to write one at least. So the set-pieces they find themselves in are actually well constructed, and can be appreciated in that way.

So, yeah, I do think that the movie does falter in some key places - but the conscious effort to try and build of from that is kind of impressive on its own. Maybe more impressive than the visuals. Which, as everyone knew, were striking.



I thought I looked pretty in places. The early fight scene in the lighthouse was shot in an interesting way and I was on board till broadly where they reached Atlantis. I thought the CG was at best uneven. Quite why we needed a sub lord of the Rings battle at the end was unclear to me. As were the unexplained costume changes.

My 11 year old asked me how Kidman was managing to hold her trident whilst apparently unconscious and being carried into the lighthouse at the beginning, which goes to show even kids pick up on this stuff.

It’s OK, aimed young and I didn’t hate it. But it’s not great by any means. By the same token I didn’t much care for Wonder Woman or Black Panther either. So maybe it does very well


Saw it today, comments without spoilers:

The positive:

  • Better than Justice League (I know it is not saying much but…)
  • Action sequences between good and excellent
  • Some scenes are really good
  • Mera <3
  • Really nice visually, except for some things.

The rest:

  • A lot of times the dialogue is horrible, when it wants to be serious/dramatic it turns out “funny” due to overuse of cliches, and when it wants to be funny, it leaves you mute, in silence.
  • For such a basic plot, at times it felt eternal.
  • The pop culture references in Arthur’s dialogue makes me want to punch something or someone else nearby.
  • The musicalization… at sometimes is a gigantic WTF that brutally takes you out of the movie.

I felt that it is a movie to watch to kill an afternoon, while doing something else to distract you at the same time. I would say a C+/6 , maybe a little more with a lot of love for DC.


Is the final fight against a bad guy who’s at least twice as tall as everyone else? DC needs to keep the streak going.


There is a big sea monster, but it’s not the final fight unfortunately.



DC??? How about every goddamned SH movie… :smile:


Marvel’s had a varied sort, but look at the final bosses in Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad, and Justice League and tell me it’s not the same fight four different ways.


I saw this today, thought that it was a big mess but a mostly entertaining one. I agree with everything that @Eduardo said. Mera! :heart_eyes:

It’s interesting how similar this is to Wonder Woman, except that it has much worse character work and far better spectacle.

The uneven effects are par for the course with superhero movies these days. It never gets as bad as Black Panther did, but I’m reminded of that film anyway when both movies evoke The Phantom Menace so hard.

It reminded of Attack of the Clones. The Battle of Geonosis, y’know? If nobody likes the prequels, how come they’re getting emulated so often?

Also, do we not think that having a sudden explosion followed by an enemy appearing is a once a movie deal? This film does it four times.

In the end, this probably sits right in the middle when it comes to 2018 superhero movies.


Yup, right there for me:

  1. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
  2. Black Panther
  3. Avengers: Infinity War
  4. Incredibles 2
  5. Aquaman
  6. Ant-Man and the Wasp
  7. Deadpool 2
  8. Venom

I haven’t seen Teen Titans Go! To The Movies.