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April Fools


Any good ones this year?

This one raised a flicker of a smile for me:



How NOT to do an April Fools gag.


That NT News one is only clearly marked as an APRIL FOOLS story because it’s past midday in Australia now. I seriously doubt it was originally posted with that headline, and an opening line of “Gotcha - April Fools”. :slight_smile:

It’s become a convention now for online news sources to go back and edit their stories once the April Fools period has passed, to make it clear if they were a spoof. Because online articles hang around forever, and the joke might not be so obvious when someone clicks on that story in the middle of next January.


[Quote]A secretive new agency will scan Twitter and Facebook to help it decide who will run the country while political parties vie for power in the event of a hung parliament.

The shadowy department has been named the Office for Estimation because it will roughly estimate who the public most wants to govern.[/quote]


You’re wrong Dave! Google it!



Hilarity from the Sun.


One for Meadows…


OK, this one made me laugh for its sheer silliness.


Where can I order it? :smiley:

Oh, wait… (check thread title)… dammit


I can’t stand April fools day. But I thought this was pretty funny.


Collider has made me laugh today with these:


I work in a public works department and the director sen this out in an email to senior staff:

I have just been informed that we have high levels of Dihydrogen monoxide coming out of all residential service lines. Please prepare a draft for me to review of a notification that we are aware of this and will be investigating our possible courses of action.

I was the only one who didn’t fall for it.


I love that one, you can find some good warning posters and articles about the dangers of the stuff. :smile:



Using the word “water” and a picture of the bottle ruins the joke though. :angry:


Today’s efforts all seem a bit half-arsed.