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What character would you pick in the apocalypse. This can be from anything. A comic you’ve read, a TV show you’ve watched. A superhero, anything. Who would it be and why?




Tom Cruise.




Interesting question. Who would you pick?


Would I pick to BE or pick to SHAG or pick to FIGHT or pick to FEED or what?


Professor Xavier. *With hair!


For what- To help you to survive the Apocalypse? To eat.? What?




Juggernaut. Nothing stops the Juggernaut.


Hmmm… I wonder who I’d pick that’d be useful in a post apocalyptic pinch?


No way. Only person worsé to hang out with is “The Doctor!” For terms of survivability.


I was going to say the same thing about Donald Trump. Oh, well…


Jamie Madrox.
We could have an almost endless supply of worker bees.
Always someone new to talk to.
If all the world’s food supply is contaminated, he could always ‘make’ something to eat


Wonder Woman, Power Girl, Max Guevara, Buffy Summers… whoever, just as long as it is not a guy.

Come on, people, think it through! :angry:


The same answer to every superhero question: Jack Marlowe.


He probably caused the Apocalpse


[quote=“Mark_Hall, post:20, topic:5744”]
He probably caused the Apocalpse
[/quote]…during a drunken blackout.




I had to go back to the first comment in this thread to understand your comment, davidm. :flushed: