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Anyone up for starting a work shopping group?


I mentioned this idea in the collaboration thread, and I think there’s some merit in the idea.

There’s obviously no shortage of creators on the boards considering the volume of submissions for the annual. And there is likely no shortage of knowledge and technical tricks/tips that could be shared if those same creators were in contact with one another.

Personally I have a small circle of friends I’ve known for years that I know won’t let me be lazy or take an easy way out on something. And they one and all have made me a much better creator than I’d be without them. But it never hurts to have more eyes seeing your work.

As long as things were kept constructive I can’t see how something like this wouldn’t be mutually beneficial to anyone willing to participate. Trolling certainly would do no one any good, but I’d rather have my peers tell me what I’m doing wrong and give me advice than have my mom put my drawings on the fridge. If that makes sense?

With that in mind I’d be all ears on how best to implement this if there is interest. I think the largest chance for receiving feedback would likely be just through posting in a thread publicly. But I could see where some might not want to put early drafts/sketches/designs out there for public consumption as well. I’m still relatively new here, is there a way to do a chain or group of private messages? Would it be best to take it off board and to email?


Sounds great to me! I have done some of that on Reddit and it definitely helps.

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Do you have any ideas on the best way to get something like this off the ground here?

Would you be open to posting openly, or do you have a preference?


I’m up for it. Let me know when and how you want to proceed.


I would definitely submit work for review and review for others as well. I’m leary of posting work in open threads though. Perhaps we could start a shared folder in Google Drive or Dropbox? Everyone could have their own folder that others could poke through and leave comments or whatnot?

I’m unsure of the forum etiquette for something like this. Is it proper to share email addys or take a project like this to an offsite location?

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Will do.

Really it’s just a matter of figuring out the best channels to use for getting this off the ground.


Drive or Dropbox are not bad ideas, especially since everybody can gain access to them for free.

As far as email addresses go I’m sure that would be a case of personal preference on whether you posted it or not.

Alternatively it could also be sent via direct message from profile to profile as well I suppose.

Early days but even if it is a group of 5-6 people I think there would be a lot one could learn from it.


I started a folder in my Google Drive with link sharing and editing permission enabled. I’ll happily share my Hit Girl script there (if it didn’t win) to get things started. Just need an ok from the mods before I drop a link in here :smile:


I think this would be an interesting idea and I’d definitely be up for participating in something like this. Google Drive might be a good way to go because it’s free, easy to access for lots of people, and can be set to certain standards (for example, if you only wanted people to view you can set that or if you wanted people to view and comment, view and comment and edit, etc.).


Best of luck! Fingers crossed you’ll have to go to plan b for a script to start critiquing.

I submitted for Chrononauts, and will offer it up for critique under the same conditions as well.

Google drive is looking like it’s the early front runner. Which is fine by me.

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Fantastic. Once we get a head count maybe we can then figure out the best way to get Drive links to one another.


This is a great idea! Thanks, WarrenB. I’m new here (and new to comics) but I’d love to be part of an online critique group.


Awesome. Hopefully this will be a lot of fun and we can all learn from each other.

Here are the winners of the Millarworld Talent Search

Would this strictly be for comic scripts or is it open to prose as well?


I don’t see any real reason to be exclusive to any one discipline honestly. Though I’m not sure many will have the time to thoroughly critique a generations spanning fantasy novel about global politics or anything, but I see no reason why short stories or the like should be excluded.

In fact in a perfect world I’d like to get a solid art critique string going as well with this. But a lot of that will depend on interest levels for that.


I don’t know if it’s okay to mention here but is anyone thinking of submitting for the Top Cow talent search? I’d love to get some feedback on the script I’m planning to submit for it

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Mine was submitted about 2-3 weeks ago now. So you’re definitely not the only one.


@DavidOchart what are the good groups on Reddit for that? Haven’t been able to find active subs.


I’ve very interested in this. Would you want to run the group on here, or somewhere else? It would be great to get in on a serious group.

The biggest challenge for me is finding artists. Feel like it takes me a year to find someone to collaborate with for each short. While i have plenty of scripts just collecting dust, creating something from scratch and collaborating with an artist to create something together is still a challenge. Feels like it takes like 6-12 months to ever get anything moving.

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Lets get this started! Here are a few links to my works I’ll have some more in the next few weeks.

My Webcomic:

My Millarworld Annual Hit Girl Submission:

Please provide kind feedback or either!

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