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Anyone Know of Sci-Fi/Horror Anthologies Accepting Submissions?


I’ve got a small, short, 2-Pager Sci-fi Horror comic I’m shopping around. Just touring the internet globe, looking. Please post information below.




Does it have a twist? If so 2000AD do four pagers, you could draw it out and submit there?


So this group recently kickstarted a new horror anthology and produced issue 1 for it. The anthology is called Draw Blood and I know they intend on it being an ongoing and would like to accept submissions in some form at some point. It wouldn’t hurt to reach out to them.



You could also put together your own anthology. Like Stuart did with his “Impossible Tales”. I’m also putting together my own anthology with three artists that I found off these forums. And having the freedom to do absolutely whatever you want is nice. Just my 2 cents.



@mattgarvey1981 ?


Sadly the one m doing needs to Bute funny and four pages long :confused: