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Anyone going to submit to this Adi Shankar contest?


Adi Shankar the producer behind such films as The Grey, Killing Them Softly, John Wick and Dredd is hosting a short film screenplay contest. He’s also known for his Bootleg universe films on youtube like the dark Power/Rangers fan film and the Dirty Laundry short that starred Thomas Jane. His contest has people send in scripts for fan films that he will produce and he’s already set up the legal ranglings needed like he did on those two prior shorts. You can look for more about it here: On the good side you can send as many scripts as you want. Bad side is you have to pay for each entry. I’m submiting two (not going to reveal subject matter until after the deadline I’m just that paranoid). So anyway anyone else game? Also my two scripts just need a little polishing before I submit them so they are pretty much done so I’m just now focusing on my Millarworld contest script.


Thanks for the info!