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Anyone else seen KARA? (unofficial Star Wars short)


A lot of times I don’t go in too big for film makers having a serious go at fan films. Especially when there seems to be quite a bit of money spent on them. In my opinion that effort would likely be better suited to doing original works, or things the people involved with it might actually profit from. Instead of getting a cease and desist.

That said, this particular short was a WHOLE lot of fun. It’s really engaging and feels like what the best of the old expanded universe stuff felt like to me. A means to show how much bigger the Star Wars setting really is. And adds some scope to it.

"Kara" | (2016) (An Unofficial Star Wars Film) from Joe Sill on Vimeo.


I saw it posted up on another forum, going to check it out tonight.


That was freaking awesome!


Agreed, 100%.