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Any really great books about coloring comics?


I have found tons of books about line art ,inking and things like that but I never found a really good book about coloring comics. Any suggestion from fellow Millarworlders?


If you’re interested in learning digital painting CTRL+PAINT has amazing free tutorials. They aren’t necessarily comic specific, but I’m sure they would be immensely useful.


I prefer books , but sure I will check your link. Thanks my friend.


It may be worth searching online even if it isn’t your preference. It’s an area where technology has changed stuff so much very recently with computers that I’m not sure which books would be relevant now. With writing nothing much has changed and I could point to many books over a couple of decades but colouring has evolved hugely and I can’t think of that much written to begin with.


Check out high fi colour for comics…you get get it on comixology…

Also, I’d HIGHOY recommend watching k Michael Russell’s you tube channel…he goes through EVERYTHING.
I just finished his course too…best $100 I’ve spent!


i checked you are right it has many awesome tutorials . Just perfect.


I will check those man thanks. Look awesome .


always happy to help, you know that! :wink:


Awesome! Glad I could help.