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Any interviews you remember with yours truly from past 12 months?


My beautiful Netflix masters looking to do a wee Millar page and wanting to link to interviews from our first year together. I’ve got a terrible memory and wondered if anyone could help. There’s video ones like me and Bendis, me on Russia Today and me on scotland Tonight. Anyone have any links? I’ve hardly done any industry ones at all. EW for Magic Order. The Times and The Sunday Times, The Guardian. Anything I’m missing for this vanity wall being prepared?? :slight_smile:


PS Can someone post this in General? My computer struggles with MW forums for past year and I can’t seem to access tons of stuff for some daft reason!!


Try signing/logging out, reboot your computer and sign back in.

I have no clue if it will help at all, but maybe you’ll feel better?


There’s a couple.