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Anthony O'Donnell's Millarworld Fan Art Thread


Hi all,

I wanted to start a thread to contain my Millarworld Fan art. I did not see a specific official thread. For fun I also wanted to get some participation going on and post regular updates.

My new piece will be of Duke from Starlight. I have put together a few thumbnail ideas of what I’m thinking. I’m open for folks to pick a thumbnail for me to work up or suggest an idea for an image :smile:

I’ll likely not finish the piece before I go on a two weeks holiday soon but I’ll be chipping away at it and others.


At a glance, I really like the composition of that top-centre one. It’s dynamic, leads your eye, has depth, and features Duke in a prominent position.


Nice work. I like the top middle one too though (in my completely unartistic eyes opinion) I think it might benefit from Duke being a bit bigger / more of a feature. I like the quieter moment of the last one too.


I love that way that some people are so talented that “ideas of what I’m thinking” look good enough to be a finished product.


Great artwork! You have a good eye for composition.


Hi, thanks for the input and comments. I’m also keen on the top middle image. The idea was a hover-bike chase on a retro futuristic bike fitting with the visual style of Starlight. The calmer image on the bottom right is also a favourite and is Duke after a session of dealing with the bad guys taking a moment to relax. I may end up doing both.


Awesome work, both the images you mentioned (top center & bottom right) would make a cool set of before and after. :sunglasses::thumbsup:


Great job, love seeing the artist process and how it takes shape too!


Thanks, I’ve just returned from my 2 weeks holiday and started the “B” option last night. I’ll post up WIPs as soon as they’re ready.


I’m long overdue starting this but this evening brings some initial pencils. I’ve mainly been procrastinating over the hover bike design and main character poses.


I’m still slowly working on this Starlight fan art piece. Usually 1-2 hours a week between many other things. It’s at the bottom of my priority list but only for another few days when I can get back to it properly and finish it.


Here’s a snippet of the near final pencils, just some tweaks and shading before inking.


I’m calling the pencils done on this as the wonderful world of inks and colours await. This piece was a good learning exercise.

A close up


That looks excellent Anthony. Great job. The perspective work with the architecture is particularly impressive.


Thanks Dave it’s patience more than skill. I’m hoping to clarify and then add some detail during the inking stage.