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Ant-Man & Wasp Infinity War theory (spoilers)


First off, I just want to say I really like this movie.
We all pretty much figured that the microverse is going to be a big factor in the upcoming IW movie(because of the whole, space, time, & reality stones aren’t going to have any affect there.) With that being said, there are two points that I want to talk about.
• How does Scott get out back.
• Janet Van Dyne
This one is pretty easy. This is a group of some of the smartest people in the MCU. They had to have a contingency plan in place. If a growth disk was good enough the first time, it should be fine now. Or they could have Bill Foster there just off panel. This gives Bill a bit of redemption in that he admitted that he was wrong & the gang understood that he had good intentions & forgave him.
Now on to Janet. I already mentioned how 3 of the infinity stones will be rendered obsolete, so if all the people that disappear in the “snap” are trapped in the soul stone they can play off the mental connection between Janet & Scott. Scott goes to Stark & tells him he knows where everyone is & he knows how to get them back. They get everyone back but Janet stays. Because the Microverse changed her she can somewhat not control, but affect the soul stone so that it can’t be used by Thanos in the same way. This leaves 2 stones, power & mind. Once Hulk finds out what Thanos did to Valkyrie (or maybe even Betty Ross, I see Thunderbolt Ross sitting with his head in his hands & whispers to Bruce, “she’s gone.” Literal chills.) “World Breaker” Hulk comes out & the Power stone won’t help. That leaves the mind stone. To be honest I don’t think Thanos knows how to use it (that’s why he gave it to Loki). The MCU version of Thanos isn’t very smart, & I think you’d have to have some idea on how to use the stones individually to be more effective. It’ll be like if a kid got into the Iron man armor. He’ll be dangerous, but he won’t be very effective. Thanos will be easy pickin’s, & Captain Marvel can swoop in, give him the “one-hitter quitter” & steal everyone’s thunder <–(Thor joke.)