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ANT-MAN! (spoilers)


I figure we probably need a spoiler thread for this as it comes out this week.

Anyone seen it yet? Thoughts? Apparently as well as a mid-credits teaser there’s a proper post-credits scene for this, and one that is worth sticking around for, so stay in that seat…


I thought it was fine, but not as good as it could have been. I’m glad it didn’t end with a big world-ending battle, but the plot is pretty predictable. The jokes mostly worked, though I didn’t find it as funny as Iron Man 3 or Avengers.

Rudd is good, and Stoll is better than most Marvel villains, but Evangeline Lilly doesn’t get all that much to do. Everyone talks about how great and strong her character is, but the film never does much to show it. Michael Peña gets some fun stuff to do at least, and Douglas is fine as Pym.

It also seriously underuses Judy Greer, but so does every other movie, including several this summer.

The credits scenes aren’t great. The first one is something I’d have rather happened during the actual movie, and the Avengers setup one is nothing, and is basically just repeating the final scene from the movie.


I quite enjoyed it, but then I’ve been waiting 8 years for it. Some of the stuff with Cross was a bit dicey, but the main cast were good, the action scenes were exciting and never unintentionally silly and the jokes were solid.

I thought the bits tying it to the wider Marvel universe (mainly the fight with the Falcon) improved the film.

I liked the first post credit scene, but the second was pretty pointless. I suspect it’s just part of Civil War ripped out of context and dumped on the end.

So… Ant-Man & Wasp in 2018 or so?


Marvel have already scheduled three movies for 2018 (Avengers, Black Panther, and Captain Marvel). There’s only two down for 2019 right now, so maybe then.


Yeah, but we don’t need Captain Marvel now, we’ve got the Wasp!


I didn’t hate Hank Pym OR Michael Douglas. That’s an achievement.

Paul Rudd hasn’t aged since Clueless.

Overall, I enjoyed that a lot. Bit of a pacing problem, and not that many surprises really, but fun.


I thought it was a total dud. No action in the first NINETY minutes, instead just origin movie clichés that we’ve seen a million times now and little humor to speak of. Plus it all looked cheap. Not good.

My wife left halfway through and I don’t blame her, even if the climax was fun.


I enjoyed it a lot. Likeable characters and a street-level vibe that I feel genuinely sets it apart from anything Marvel have done so far.

I love that it embraced the weirdness and silliness of comicbook storytelling rather than watering it down, and I think it went to some of the oddest places we’ve seen in a Marvel film yet - the Microverse sequence was a trip. If that’s any sign of the kind of thing we’ve got to look forward to with Dr Strange then I can’t wait.

As I suspected from the most recent marketing, this is kind of the anti-GotG: a genuinely odd and quirky little film that’s dressed up in mainstream clothes. Hopefully if they do a sequel (with the Wasp!) we’ll see more macro photography and unusual perspectives on the world, as I feel like there could have been more of that.

Lots of fun, anyway. I feel like the marketing should have captured more of its individuality - I wouldn’t be surprised if it underperformed as the ads made it look far more generic than it is. It feels like there’s a real heart and personality to it that you don’t always get with big superhero movies, and that counts for a lot for me.


I wonder if the microverse sequence was originally supposed to involve Scott bringing back Janet, but they changed it after Big Hero 6 did basically the same thing. After all the talk of how dangerous it was, he got out of it disappointingly easily.

The bit where we see a picture of Janet but her face is hidden because they haven’t cast her yet was grown-worthy.


I really hope that was intentional. :slight_smile:


So did anyone spot any of these? I can’t say I really saw anyone (Janet, presumably) in the Microverse bit.


I didn’t see anything in the Quantum Realm bit, but I did notice a prominent headline on a quick shot of a newspaper that was too quick for me to read. One for the Blu-Ray maybe.


I enjoyed it a lot too, more than I expected after the trailers. I liked the characters and contrary to Robert’s experience the audience was laughing all the way through it.

It can’t be denied though it is quite predictable as Paul mentioned, storywise it kind of goes through the motions and that is something Marvel have to watch out for because it’s true of a lot of their films (including Guardians) and may start to induce some fatigue.


Elizabeth and I thought it was an enjoyable film. The audience seemed to like it, with laughs throughout (particularly the train and ant scenes).

Odd. I am just realizing they never used that line from the original trailer about changing the name.


There were people laughing in the theatre, and I thought the Thomas stuff was funny. There just wasn’t as much laughter as these films sometimes get. It seemed like the jokes were there on the page but didn’t translate to the screen very well…I would have loved to have seen the Adam McKay version of the film.

As far as the audience goes there were several people who cheered when Paul Rudd said the word “Avengers” the first time, which makes me think I’m no longer the target audience for these films.


It was lightweight, very mainstream and fun. I would’ve enjoyed more quirkiness but it’s a miracle the film worked at all, given it’s production troubles.

I’m not sure everyone knew where to pitch their contributions? Douglas was fine but I’ve seen him do more with less, Rudd could’ve been sharper and Lilly was mugging a little in places.

The supporting cast were on firmer ground, but then their roles were nothing unusual.

And Stoll was great. You can’t have too many scenes with the villain or the film goes out of balance, but he made Cross more interesting than he could’ve been.

The FX were all solid, some clever ideas with the microscopic and submicroscopic worlds.

And I agree about this leading into ‘Dr.Strange’. I thought that was pretty obviously where they’re going, but it didn’t hurt this film, they handled it very well.


Stoll was good, but they laid the “daddy issues” on much too thick. How many times did he need to ask Pym if he was proud of him yet? This is a fairly common villain motivation in movies and never really works.

Anyway, I don’t mean to be too hard on a movie I just thought was a bit of a dud. I did love the costumes and the Cure song, and I think they pointed the way forward for the overall Marvel brand and Ant-Man’s place in it. Wasn’t expecting the Spider-Man hint.


Feige said they cut it because it was a joke at the expense of the movie and pulled people out of the story.


What other movies are the villains motivated by daddy issues? (That’s a serious question, I’m drawing a complete blank at the moment and wondering what films I’m forgetting.)


I agree and don’t think it should have been in the first trailer. The last time I recalll that kind of approach attempted was Green Lantern, 'nuff said.