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Ant Man and The Wasp (Spoiler thread)


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Fair to move it here but Steve may be disappointed the existence of a kitchen fight is explicit in the trailer as are all the other best action scenes.




Yeah, I found it very entertaining, but it did feel a little by the numbers. To be honest, I actually got the sense that the actors weren’t really invested in it. It didn’t feel like it added anything to the progression of the Marvel Movieverse.

It was definitely fun, but, like you point out, the movie’s plot did not really make sense.


It’s easy to forget after such a huge heavy hitter like Infinity War and even Civil War before it that these solo movies don’t really try to or need to advance an overarcing narrative. They’re meant to be standalone. That’s the whole point. It’s their loose collectivity that’s so fascinating, the fact that we all know they exist in the same reality and you can hear and see direct references to stuff that’s otherwise beside the point. Ant-Man and Wasp does a ton of heavy lifting for continuity. It’s a direct Civil War follow-up, as with Homecoming before it, and as such is one of those rare opportunities for a solo movie to be relevant as something other than standalone. It’s also a direct follow-up to the first Ant-Man.

The problem here is that the first Ant-Man wasn’t a standout, just as the first Captain America, first two Thor, and first Doctor Strange before it…But because Ant-Man is essentially the Hawkeye of the MCU additions, which Infinity War made all too clear, even if he’s now got two movies…And there was the huge outlier Black Panther, which was a phenomenon for reasons that really had nothing to do with the MCU, and that was just earlier this year. Ant-Man was never going compete with its 2018 MCU companions.

The lack of chatter is really all that needs to be said.


It hasn’t come out in the UK yet. Expect more posts to this thread once it has.


That raises a question - to what extent has the World Cup affected the box office?


On an obvious basis it hasn’t been released yet in the UK and Ireland (the 3rd biggest market for Hollywood films) and large chunks of Europe (Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands and more). So they’ll add a significant late boost.

Whether people stayed away in parts of South America and Asia as they were watching football is probably impossible to quantify.

It also doesn’t have a China release date, it probably will get one as they love Marvel movies but it could be in the autumn as they reserve certain times for local films in the summer.


Ah. Didn’t realize that.


Yeah, it’s unusual for a Marvel release to be so staggered, but there’s a number of factors at play this time (not just the football but also school holidays and the staggered scheduling of Disney’s own Incredibles 2).


Saw it, liked it, didn’t love it, don’t have a huge desire to see it again. It was very much a movie for kids. My theater was full, and was about 60 percent under 14. The kids in the theater had a blast. The adults mostly chuckled.

It was uneven, but charming in the right places. It needed tightening up. It could have used just one exceptional set piece. The kitchen fight with Wasp was good, but not cool. The car chase was good, funny, but not cool. Reed needs to hire someone to design some awesome action sequences for him that really take advantage of the possibilities size changing offers.

The quantum realm looked good, but needs a bit more zip to distinguish it from other CGI landscapes. Wasp was cool…I want to see Evangeline Lily flex her acting muscles a bit more.

All in all, a good matinee.


As far as the after credits sequence, I was wondering if they were watching the news or anything? I mean, they wouldn’t have any inside information on what was going on, but are alien invasions of the earth really so common that that was the best time to go zipping into the quantum realm? Maybe put that off a couple days or something until there’s an all clear.


If you go by how often an MCU movie features a big fight of some kind? I think it’s routine enough. Nobody could know the full scope of this one until the dustings.


Weigh getting back your wife who has been gone for 20-odd years against a news story on the TV and I would pick the first option 100 out of 100 times.


I’m talking about the after credits scene. I believe the rest of the movie was taking place way before the aliens showed up over New York in Infinity War.


The ant playing the drums was not aware of the news.


Speaking of. I wonder if Scott can still communicate with the ants while he is in the Quantum realm. The comms would still be open.


weren’t they dusted in the mid-credits scene?


Just saw it - it was aight. In the middle third of the MCU in terms of my personal enjoyment. The jokes all landed, everyone was great in it, but it was so low stakes and non-essential viewing that gave away all the good stuff in the trailer.

I would be down for a de-aged Douglas and Pfeiffer movie, though…