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Ant Man and The Wasp (Spoiler thread)


Saw it this afternoon, so this thread contains spoilers and not speculation from the start.
I think Marvel’s current golden run hit a little speed bump here. It’s okay but I didn’t enjoy it as much as the first one. Michael Pena and his gang remain very funny but a lot of the other jokes didn’t get much of a reaction from the audience. The action bits are good and inventive but lack some surprise since they included pretty much all of the best bits in the trailer.

People who are used to my views on films know I don’t often make too much of plot problems, here though I think it was fundamental to the film.

Bill Foster goes along with this plan to attack and steal from Hank Pym and gang when it doesn’t really make sense. He’s otherwise portrayed as a nice man who does the best for a young girl. He only fell out with Pym because he was difficult to work with rather than some huge betrayal so logically he should just go and ask him for help. This is proven by even after he’s done all that Pym says he’d help at the first opportunity, which he does. The entire conflict behind the film is forced.

Saying that it’s not bad, it’s entertaining enough and Michelle Pfeiffer is a good addition to the cast but a little bit underwhelming.


Wife and I will be seeing it this weekend.

I’m surprised they didn’t release this in the fall like they have done with their third movie of the year in the past.



Spoiler: I can’t see the bloody thing till next month :frowning_face:



The BBC review doesn’t chime 100% with me, I thought a lot of Rudd’s lines fell flat but I agree with it being 3 stars.


It was okey, but I enjoyed the first one way more.

The mid-credits scene… yeah, watch it. The post-credits one you can skip (one last joke), but the first one is a must see

Edit: Almost forgot…damn it, tardigrades are appearing everywhere!


Eh I’m gonna be skipping this on the theater… and now that I think about it, I already skipped DP2, so whatever… probably not watching any other SH movie until IW2 anyways… (maybe Aquaman).


Tomorrow or next week i´ll be posting an opinion.

Still: I understand that the movie could´ve lost some of the “Magic” that made the first one memorable and that was Edgar Wright Writting (and direction to some degree… c´mon! we all could see how his directorial style “leaked” to some of the best scenes in the movie).


Yeah it could well be. it’s hard for us to know really but it is missing something the first one had.

It was interesting though that the “Louis’ story” bits in the original most reminded me of Wright (they are a lot like the Shaun of the Dead scenes where he describes the increasingly complicated plans to get to the Winchester pub) but apparently were a later addition after he’d left the project.

I agree with @Eduardo on the mid and post credits scenes. The mid credits one is a must watch, the last one a pretty lame joke it isn’t worth waiting for.


Just got back from it.

Honestly, pretty disappointing. It’s good where it counts - the basic core of the story - but everything else is a pretty clear downgrade from the first.

Plus, it really needed more romance. The lack of it was funny in the first, but for a movie that’s meant to be about the pair/team-up…it was sorely missing.



Just saw it.

I really enjoyed it. It was fun and that’s what I wanted it to be.

I had a great time.


I would say a mild thumbs down from me. There’s just too much going on. By my count:

Ant-Man, Wasp, Hank
Foster and Ghost
Luis and the security crew
Burch and his crew
The Feds
Scott’s family

That’s a lot going on for what should have been a brisk caper. So you have all of these little subsets of characters in play—it was too big a scramble that ultimately gave little reason to care. They could have trimmed it considerably by dumping the feds, and dumping Burch (who was pointless?).

I know I complain about how lame the jokes are in all of these Marvel movies, but they really fell flat in this one. This was a very unfunny movie—I know humor is relative but my theater only had the occasional chuckle so I don’t know if this one is just me.

On the plus, I will say that I usually get bored easily during car chases and I enjoyed this one. And there is little to fault with the cast, or with Ghost’s costume design and powers.

Also, I loved the Stan Lee cameo.


I have to agree. Doesn’t help that the time scale of the movie is so short.
It doesn’t allow for them to write scenes that can carry over in terms of weight.

And a lot of the development is relegated to exposition, backstory, and one done as the other.
Felt very limp. That said, the Hank and Janet stuff was aces. If I had to excuse this movie - it’d be by saying that it’s their movie and not Scott and Hope’s.


I saw it. I enjoyed it.

reasons for enjoyment: Luis, Ghost, Wasps( Hope and Jan), the Ant in Scott’s apartment, the shrinking and growing building,


Putting personal sense of humour aside the audience reaction was the same with me, a few giggles (pretty much for Louis and his crew). Despite the heavy themes Infinity War got a lot more belly laughs recently.


I loved it. The action scenes with the constant shrinking and regrowing were great, honestly the best action scenes I’ve seen in a superhero movie. That’s the kind of innovation that should exist in these things. If you can’t pull off showcasing a superhero’s unique abilities, you’re doing it wrong. That’s what Ant-Man has done across three movies.

Ironically, the big arc of the movie is what doesn’t work as well for me, despite the huge amount of effort put into it. I think Janet was shown too much, and not enough emphasis put on Hank. He spends too much time in support. In order for that reunion to work, he needs to have been more actively involved, and not just in relation to whatever Scott or Hope were doing, or old rivalries with Bill Foster.

On the other hand, Ava was used pretty well, and there was definitely enough of Luis, Woo, Burch, Cassie, and the other smaller roles. I kept waiting for a Luis storytelling scene, and it was worth the wait. Truth serum! That was a fun thing. This is a great cast, and the sequel used familiar faces well and added some fun new ones. Burch was a particularly great new one. Walton Goggins was able to translate his familiar persona extremely well to an MCU context, which doesn’t always happen.


Yeah, Infinity War definitely got bigger laughs for me too. The biggest laugh in this one was when the tiny car did the clichéd action-movie jump on the San Francisco hills.


Found new Respect for Peyton Reed.

The guy is actually Funny.