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Another artist looking for work

Hi there, my name is Jelena, this site is completely new for me, but from what I’ve seen, people seem really nice and supportive here.

I work in comics for a while now, indie and small press mostly, but every now and then, the time comes when all the projects are completed and I find myself with nothing to do. So I have to do this part with getting into forums and hoping to find the next gig.

So, basic info - I’m experienced in working with writers and I want to believe we get along great, I really value professionalism in work, I ink traditionally (main focus) and I’ve learned to color digitally, since no one else would (now I enjoy it equally). I don’t letter, but I know a guy who does, that makes my life a bit easier.

So, here are some sequentials I can show, for more other work here’s this Let’s pray that the link works. And no, I don’t have a thing with drawing retro-robots, it’s just been that kind of a year, it can happen :slight_smile:

Oh and before the pages, a very important thing is that I’m looking for payed work, I’m sorry but the moment doesn’t allow me art-for-art trips right now, and my price range is $75 to $120, completely depending of what the writer needs, related to the detail of linework and coloring.

I don’t know yet how you can contact me here if interested, but I’m hoping to find out.

Thank you for reading and cheers!


Aaaand the pages are too small due to my inexperience, I apologize deeply :confused:

No problem, it’s the site formatting. Clicking embiggens them!


Thank you for the welcome! Next time I’ll know better.

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Update of the portfolio cover, as a part of my latest attempts to find a gig. I’d rather draw ten times harder, then do this browsing for work and self-promotion, but that’s the life of the freelancer, I guess. I promise I will not spam anymore, I’m done for now :slight_smile:

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Good work! Reminds me of John Ridgway, one of my favourite artists growing up. Best of luck!

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Oh wow, that’s an amazing compliment. Thank you so much!