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Announcements from Millarworld


Aren’t we supposed to get a grip of announcements and art for new Millarworld projects in January 2017? What date does that occur?

Ongoing Millar Series

It’s coming. No firm date but you should know more by the end of January.


Mark’s still off this week, right?


I’m not sure where you read this because we don’t have anything we haven’t discussed at length here over the last few months. Starlight 2, Superior 2, Chrononauts 2, the new Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl series, etc. But these aren’t announcements as I’ve been working on them all since last summer and I don’t preview until we’re much closer to the release. Everything just in various stages of being drawn at the mo and scheduled when the art is ready. That’s been our pretty strict policy last couple of years.

That said, big non-comics announcement around the end of January that involves da movies. I’m just back from New York where I had a couple of director meetings and you’ll hear about that in THR a few weeks from now.



Glad you’re back, Chief! How was it?


Dear Mr Millar,

it’s a very good policy to not schedule books before the art is ready. I bet you learned your lesson by and by.

Am exceedingly looking forward to reading Chrononauts 2,



Starlight 2!!! I didn’t know about that one!!! I’m beyond stoked! I LOVED Starlight! But I thought I read on CBR or Bleeding Cool that we were going to get art from Hitgirl series with Raphael Albuquerque? When can we expect art or plot from any upcoming series?


You are. BOSS! Thanks! You made my day still hearing that we will be getting sequels to some more of my favorite Millarverse titles!


Yep. Did an interview with CBR last year. Rafa and I doing Hit-Girl and Daniel Way takes over for second storyline. No dates yet until everything is in the can.



Second storyline after Raphael Albuquerque? Or to Kick-Ass? And I thank you for answering my questions sir, you are awesome!!


Superior 2.
Can´t wait.


Can we have date estimates for Starlight 2, Superior 2, Chrononaughts 2, Supercrooks 2, Nemesis 2, Kick-Ass and Hitgirl? Or any details? Pretty please?


So stoked for more Millarverse!


Will you do a ongoing series more than 6 issues anytime soon in the future? Maybe extend Reborn (loving it)? I always want more and don’t want them to end.


The new Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl series have been billed as ongoings.


I keep expecting this thread to be the board’s version of Births, Marriages and Deaths.


Uploading… Yes I saw that. According to this the ongoing series were supposed to start now. January 2017


No dates. But can we please get premise or plot details for these dope ass sequel projects?


You are a busy (awesome) man so I appreciate when you respond, but I have to ask another question. Will you release any deluxe oversized hardcover format for any of your books? like Remender has done with 12"X8" Deadly Class and Black Science deluxe editions. I got those books and I almost hate buying regular sized trades anymore…


Mark is a very optimistic man by nature and after years here you tend to find not that much appears quite as soon as he imagines in the initial interviews. :smile: