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Puella Magi Madoka Magica is on Netflix. I’d recommend the series rather than the movies. Also, Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet is a slow but smart anime series on Netflix as well. I’m really waiting for them to put on Ajin Demi Human, though.


Nobody’s mentioned Kill La Kill yet? Is it not on Netflix anymore?


I like it, but I would not recommend it to strangers. :wink:


Haha, fair enough. It actually shocked me, which was impressive and maybe the point?
It plays in to the big themes in the show, doesn’t it?


Yeah, it is a lot smarter than it looks.


Here in the US, it’s on Adult Swim’s Saturday night Toonami block of anime.


I liked Kill La Kill but it got a bit mother-daughter-rapey towards the end. The painted backgrounds are amazing though, especially in episode one.


I finished Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans the other day. I really, really enjoyed it. Like I said when I talked about it upthread, it stands apart from other Gundam series in a lot of ways - notably the cast being child soldiers rather than a mix of adults and teens who end up fighting together out of desperation. Mikazuki, the Gundam pilot is particularly effected by his brutal history, and is only learning how to interact with people as the show progresses. Even by the end of series 1 he’s still not quite human, and all throughout the show I got the feeling that when he did something like comfort one of the female characters, it was more because he saw someone else do it rather than he had the impulse himself.

There’s also a lack of energy weapons in the show. Which isn’t a huge thing, but it gives the show a very specific asthethic and gives up Gundam’s iconic beam sabres.

But the show also does a lot of typical Gundam things. The story is about the relationship between a corrupt Earth and a rebellious colony, in this case Mars instead of orbiting habitats. There’s a third party antagonist who wears a mask and has his own agenda. And a lot of people die.

While the story does come to a fairly satisfying conclusion, there’s a lot of the plot surrounding the main characters to resolve, but thankfully a second series has been announced for later this year. Looking forward to it.


Episodes 1 of anime I’ve sorta already seen:

Macross Delta has begun airing, and as promised Episode 1 adds a bit of material to the end of the preview, but like Frontier before it, also drops a couple of scenes from the preview. The added scenes are more action during the dogfight at the end, with the predictable moment of Hayate jumping into the cockpit of a Valkyrie to rescue Freyja.

The animation remains gorgeous, the CGI has been improved, and you get the insane fun of Hayate using dance moves in a Valkyrie to avoid getting shot

Gundam Unicorn: RE 0096 is a TV version of the 7-part OVA series from 2010-2014. Episode 1 appears to be a slight re-edit of the first half hour or so of OVA episode 1. No new animation that I spotted outside the OP and ED. By my rough count, there’s enough footage in the OVA to do around 20 episodes, and the show is set to run for 26, so there will likely be new scenes as we go along. As it stands it’s for Gundam completists and the handful of people who are fans but haven’t seen Unicorn before (it’s so continuity heavy I can’t imagine it making sense to a non-fan), but I reserve the right to change my opinion.


Shit, I Kinda skimmed this post when I first read it, but actually playing the trailer there reminded me that I read bits and pieces of the manga back in the 90s. Viz used to publish it. I think the anime got a release over here, but I never did watch it.


Ah well that makes it easier then… I did find another wrink with the SAC series though because apparently there’s 2 versions: One version is 2 seasons with multiple episodes, and apparently there’s another version with three movies? I think they’re like a compressed version of the major storylines of the series… I dunno… really strange xD


Compilation movies are very common in anime, it’s usually just a quicker way to watch the important bits from the TV series. There’s one for the first series, and one for the Individual Eleven arc from Second GIG.

The third movie is an original story that picks up Section 9 two years after Second GIG ends.


You can see a lot of artistic influences in Venus Wars from movies like Akira, Wings of Honneamise, as well as some Miyazaki. I’m sure some of the same animators worked on this. The animation is great.


I always love getting one of these before a long weekend. I am gonna geek out hard this weekend.


Earnest question here:
Did Gundam Unicorn ever become affordable? It looked so damn pretty that I would have picked it up if they hadn’t been selling each episode individually, and not exactly at reasonable prices.


Where do you folks generally purchase your anime? Do you stream? Or download?

I just noticed that Parasyte the Maxim got released this week and I’ve had it for like a month already. I also got the new Eva movie, weeks in advance. I’m blown away by this. I didn’t think they could do that.


I refuse to answer that on the grounds it may incriminate me.


My cousin recommended the anime Erased. Saw it. And I enjoyed it. Anybody else seen it??


Gosh, the Diamond Is Unbreakable is so funky for one of the most murderous seasons yet.
It’s perfect.


Oh, and you can watch Unicorn RE:0096 streaming legally here:

Subtitles and dubbed