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Dairugger XV. The only footage I ever saw of it as a kid was a bit splied into the end of one lion Voltron episode where they communicate briefly, and yet 99% of the Voltron toys that made it to the shelves here were the vehicle ones.


Thanks. Just remember reading about it somewhere once. I hope it does well. I think the initial plan is for 13 episodes.

The original was fun but the voice acting was kinda horrible from what I remember.


One for the Transformers fans: a group of fans have subbed the entirety of Beast Wars II, the Japanese exclusive (sort of) sequel series to Beast Wars. The subs come with a comprehensive set of extra material as well. Full information here.

I’ve been wanting to watch this show for years. I don’t expect it to be terribly good, but I’m amazed it’s taken 18 years for someone to do it fully.


Wait … what? Is this before or after Beast Machines?


It sort of ignores it.

Japan had the first season of Beast Wars, but then held off on the second and third for a while and did two cel animated series of their own - Beast Wars II and Beast Wars Neo, which were set in the future (the future of Beast Wars’ present even). Beast Wars II used early BW figures not in the Canadian show for its Maximals (including lots of figures that were Predacons in the west), with old Decepticon figures as the villains to do a organic vs machines dynamic. Beast Wars Neo used entirely new figures for mammals vs dinosaurs thing.

Japan brought in the last two seasons of Beast Wars after these two aired, as Beast Wars Metals and didn’t bother with Beast Machines for about a decade.


Can you guys recommend a really good anime series that’s on Netflix? The only one I’ve ever gone through was Full Metal Alchemist, and while it took me a few episodes to get into it, I absolutely loved it by the end. I’m also a big fan of the Avatar world, though of course I appreciate that’s not anime it does seem to riff/rip off a lot of the tropes.


Space Dandy!


Please tell me that is real.


It really is


My Bebop fix!


It really is. How have you not seen Space Dandy already?


Same director as Bebop, in fact!


Yay! Life has meaning!!!


but what about the music?


Space Dandy is well worth the watch.



It’s not by Yoko Kanno, but even if it was, the Bebop soundtrack is very much an outlier for her. The vast majority of her work is either huge orchestral pieces (like Escaflowne) or electronica (Like Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex), or a mixture of both (Like Macross Plus and Macross Frontier)


But is it good? =P

I don’t know much about anime music or japanese music for that matter, but CB’s soundtracks are just too amazing… waaay better than the series itself probably.


I like the music in Space Dandy, but haven’t gone out of my way to get it.

Yoko Kanno is definitely the gold standard for anime composers these days. Part of it is that she’s got a few styles and applies them expertly to the work at hand. Like Escaflowne is a fantasy mecha epic, and full-on orchestra works. Ghost in the Shell is existential cyberpunk, so electronica works very well. And then Macross Plus is a mix of top gun, mecha and cyberpunk themes, so both styles work,

Cowboy Bebop was designed with jazz at its very heart, and Kanno adapted to that. She uses many of the same musicians - Mai Yamane sang nine songs across the Cowboy Bebop soundtracks, including “the real folk blues”, “want it all back” and “don’t matter none” - but she’d worked with Kanno on Macross Plus and Escaflowne before that, for example.

(oh, and in checking Kanno’s wiki page, I see she did the closing credits and 4 other tracks for Space Dandy)

I have to say, in general I don’t seek out anime composers (though I am a big fan of Yoko Kanno), I’m more about the songs, which aren’t always written by the composer. Gundam SEED lead me to be a fan of TM Revolution, High and Mighty Colour, and Nami Takami, for example.


What I liked about CB is that yes, it was Jazz at the core, but they have sooo many different tracks with a lot of styles, and they’re mostly golden. I actually don’t like a lot of the jazzy stuff, but that’s 'cause I’m not a jazz fan =P

Other than that, I don’t know any of those other animes you mentioned… except Ghost in the Shell SAC, but the music didn’t pop-up for me when I watched a couple of episodes… which reminds me I have to watch the rest (although I was thoroughly confused by the 3 different versions or whatever mess they’ve got going on between both movie versions and SAC… :worried:)


Ghost in the shell continuity is simple: Each version is wholly separate from the others. The two Mamoru Oshii movies are one continuity, Stand Alone Complex and its two sequels are their own continuity, Arise is separate again, as is the original manga.

As for some of the other anime, have some clips:

Escaflowne (Yoko Kanno music about one and three minutes in):

Macross Plus:

Gundam SEED opening themes: