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I’ve had my copy since January 22nd. It was released at the beginning of February, here, but I got my copy in the mail early by the Right Stuf.


I think Feb 4th was the release date.


I just watched Evangelion 3.33 and enjoyed it quite a bit. Except for the last twenty minutes. I didn’t really understand what was happening then.


I’ve only ever watched the first series but isn’t a confusing ending part of their brand? :wink:


Very true, but this felt like I wasn’t keeping up with all of the jargon.
I’ll need to watch it again sometime and see if I understand it more.


Gendo tricks Shinji into initiating Third Impact again, and between them Kaorwu, Asuka and Mari are able to stop it before it’s too late.


Okay, so that happens. But I’m not sure why Kaworu changes his mind? Did he not explain to Shinji that that was what they were there to do in the first place? But suddenly he only sees one type of spear and he changes his mind? Plus Shinji does his usual and doesn’t listen to reason until Kaworu sacrifices himself. Then Shinji just ceases to do anything at all. Why were they calling Rei’s Eva the Adam vessel? And did somebody else carry out third impact after Shinji’s near-miss? Or was Shinji’s NTI as close as it got? Do these questions have answers at all? Then after they stop fourth impact (or actual third imapct, or whatever they’re calling it) Gendo says it was all part of the plan anyway!?!? What does that mean, Gendo? Jerk.
I think another watch will help me out but I’ll probably still be scratching my head by the end.


A lot isn’t clear at this point - Gendo wants to initiate the third impact to, presumably start the human instrumentality project for everyone but him, so he can be God.

From what I gather, having two Longinus Lances instead of a Cassius and a Longinus was the crux of Gendo’s plan. The Longinus Lance is designed to eradicate any threat posed by the Angels as a failsafe, and the Cassius does the same for the Lillim (Humans). So, I think, what Kaworu was trying to do was to end the conflict between the Angels and Lillim once and for all, but instead he realised that what Gendo wanted was to only destroy the Angels and enact the Human Instrumentality Project - and combine all consciousness into one, except his own.
I * think * the fourth impact was stopped was because Lilith chose to close the gates of Guff, because she is still possessed of the consciousness of Shinji’s mother, but in doing so, this erased Shinji’s mother from the Lilith entity.

I think Rei’s Eva is called the Adam vessel is because Adam is the father of the Angels, while Lillith is the mother of the Lillim, so even though it’s an Evangelion, it’s essentially an Angel because it’s furthering the cause of what WILLE sees as the Angels (and Gendos) cause - destruction of humanity.

I did quite like the third installment, despite how much it deviated from the original source material - but I wanted more of Mari and Misoto, and I wanted everything to be desmystified a little - Im also disappointed in Shinji’s final action - which, unless it was instinctual and to protect his mother ,really just exemplifies what a tantrum throwing navel-gazing little turd he can be.


Wow! Thanks Tim. What you’re saying about the lances definitely makes sense now that I step back and think about it. Were they both in the show? I only remember one?

Shinji definitely goes and does what the hell he wants. The last half hour of 2.22 was him being selfish, and the last twenty minutes was (I think) him just being happy to have a purpose again (to pilot the Eva).
I do think not properly explaining some stuff hurts it. Like the Eva curse or whatever they said stopped the kids from aging. Poor immortal teenagers.


No, only the Longinus Lance was used in the show (I think against one of the last Angels) - the Cassius Spear is a new addition to the mythology.


Did they even explain why Unit-01 was in space at the start? And what happened to all of the people we love? Like Kaji (if you like Gambit you must love Kaji)? Do we think the preview at the end of the second film actually happened as some sort of missing episode?


Yes. I do love Kaji.

I cant remember the preview though?


I tried to watch Sword Art Online 2.
What a shitfest of a series.


None of the events shown in the teaser were in the third movie.


I have a… “complicated” relationship with the rebuilds.
They look amazing, all the rest though…


You get some of the same feeling with the third Madoka Magica movie: Rebellion, where it’s not bad, but at the same time it feels like at some point the story decided to throw away something essential to the basic concept.


Kyoto Animation’s BEYOND THE BOUNDARY ( 境界の彼方, Kyokai no Kanata) grabbed me with its really pretty and dynamic animation but eventually kept me watching with its humor and characterization. Based on a light novel, it follows the story of Akihina (Akky), a half “youmu” - spirit/demon - high-schooler, who gets involved with Mirai, a spirit world warrior who makes a living killing youmu. Both are outcasts in the sense that even though Akky has friends in the spirit world warrior society - including his mother who is an embarrassing cosplay obsessed ditz just dumb enough to fall in love with a youmu - he’s also very aware that if his youmu side ever took over - Naruto 9-tailed fox style - his friends would be obligated to kill him. Mirai at the same time, belongs to an outcast clan of spirit world warriors who are both very powerful and shunned because of their cursed blood that can turn into weapons poisonous to both youmu and humans.

The vast majority of the story is told along the same lines as Buffy or any number of high school anime with the supernatural action providing an exaggerated complement to the character drama and relationships and the whole series is elevated by the moments of comedy in both the mundane everyday sections of the story as well as during the more spectacular action scenes.

Of course, the animation quality is some of the best as the show was primarily a showcase for recent graduates of Kyoto animation’s in-house animation school.

After this, I’ll probably check out KyoAni’s other newer series

LOVE, CHUNIBYO AND OTHER DELUSIONS (similar to Beyond the Boundary, but in this case more of a straight comedy where the supernatural elements are overtly imaginary)



Macross Delta starts up on April 3rd. Woo and/or hoo!


I haven’t seen a Macross film in decades. Very few mecha anime appeal to me anymore after the surge of the last couple decades. I liked the recent Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet (“verdurous”?) but it wasn’t really primarily a mecha series.

Oddly enough, I’ve gotten more into comical series like Kore Ha Zombie Desu Ka? and Soul Eater. Soul Eater is really hit or miss, though.

Made it through the first season of Tokyo Ghoul and was finally finished off by the first few episodes of the second season. In the end, interesting but doesn’t really take advantage of the premise.


I found Tokyo Ghoul to be annoying. I feel like they could’ve done better with the premise. Often times it felt like they were being gory for the sake of being gory. I definitely won’t be buying the second season.

I watched Terror In Resonance, recently, and I absolutely loved it.