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If they make the whole thing sound more natural and modern, it might be interesting and maybe even better, overall. But I love dub Misato just the way that she is. Plus I’ll probably lose personal favourite moments like: “Every single missile hit the target.”

I think we’re asking too much for Netflix to provide an option for the old dub as well as the new one?


I mean, I don’t know whether or not there might be legalities involved - but I don’t see why there shouldn’t be an option.
I know one release of Akira had the two dubs made for it.


I would not watch a redub. I doubt I’d even watch Eva on Netflix anyways. I have them on DVD. There is no need.


My original watch of Eva was a mix of VHS tapes and its initial TV broadcast over here, both of which were dubbed. I did… acquire a subtitled edition of the TV version that included the expanded versions of episodes 20-24, which was what I watched the last time I did a rewatch. And I have the dual-language DVDs of Death and Rebirth and End of Evangelion,which I watch in English sometimes if I don’t want to pay tons of attention.


But think about how much nicer it would look in HD. I’d much rather own something than have to watch it on streaming though, so hopefully there gets to be a shiny new blu-ray release soon.


Also, the fun of watching End of Eva on your phone on public transport.


You would have to pay me to take public transport here. It’s shit, and mostly non-existent. You need a car in my city or you end up doing a lot of walking. Most Canadian cities are severely lacking in public transit, unfortunately.


But think of the fun of watching End of Eva on that bus or train?


More GitS:



The mosquito episode perfectly captured the insane absurdity of trying to keep a tiny insect from feeding off you.


It sounds like it’s a movie, which is interesting. I’m excited that it’s on Netflix as long as it gets a home video release too.
Other than that, my feelings are pretty similar to the Blade Runner anime. Kamiyama and Araki are doing it. I’m feeling tentative about the cgi. But I do like all of the incarnations of Ghost in the Shell that I’ve come across up to now and 2020 is a long way away.