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Anime Thread


Did you watch it? What did you think?


I really enjoyed it. Loved the animation style. I am going to need to watch the full seasons now. It just made me want more. I am not super familiar with Thunderbolt. (I am way behind in Gundam stuff. I really enjoyed the animation in the newest Unicorn series.)


Sadly, there’s only 8 episodes of Thunderbolt so far, that movie is the second set of 4. The first movie is on Gundamofficial at the moment as well, apparently

In terms of how it fits into continuity, the first 4 episodes are set near the end of the first show. The battle at the start of the second movie is the final one portrayed in Mobile Suit Gundam. The second set of episodes pick up in the interbellum between Gundam and Gundam 0083


NERD ALERT! This is pretty damn cool though. The Melancholy on Haruhi Suzumiya helps crack a conundrum that’s stumped mathematicians for the last 25 years.


solving mathematical problems does not find us any time travellers, espers, or aliens, Kyon!


Netflix will never stop making anime.


The only “must watch” anime this season are Goblin Slayer and That Time I Was Reincarnated As A Slime. Though they are manga, they really are adapted from the Japanese light novel format and “web novels” at that which is increasingly turning out to be the best source for interesting fantasy anime. The light novel and (completely different) visual novel format seems to provide the most interesting directions for anime especially in the fantasy genre. As a side note, I hope that the next AD&D movie adaptation takes its cue from those. I fondly remember the original Saturday morning cartoon of D&D which was in some ways an early isekai anime.

Other notable mentions are the Sempai Bunny Girl anime, Gridman and Kiznaiver. What we haven’t gotten though is something to compare to Erased, Re: Creator or Made In Abyss. Goblin Slayer and TTIWRAAS will certainly appeal to Overlord and GATE fans.


I thought it was a little odd that you highlighted Goblin Slayer but it seems to be pretty popular.

I haven’t watched it myself but are we not getting bored of Isekai yet?

I have been watching SSSS Gridman though, and that’s fun, although it had a bit of a rough start. I’m enjoying it quite a bit right now.


About as bored as we are of superheroes. It is a genre that will never die.

However, Goblin Slayer is in that weird area where it is hard to say if it is solidly Isekai. None of the characters are from another world, BUT - like Danmachi - its world is solidly based on RPG fantasy gaming with “the gods” of the world basically being the players who are never seen. It also reminds me a little of Grimgar and Ash or Made In Abyss.

That Time I Was Reincarnated As A Slime also plays with the Isekai conventions reminding me as much of The Saga of Tanya the Evil as Overlord.