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Anime Thread


He was also the voice of Guld Goa Bowmann in Macross Plus and Jet Black in Cowboy Bebop, amongst many more.



Peeps in the UK, Gundam Unicorn has shown up on Netflix




Is anybody watching any anime these days? It seems like this thread has been kinda quiet for a while.


No, we’ve all moved on to My Little Pony.


I am still watching anime, non-stop. I just haven’t been inspired to post. I really enjoyed Golden Kamuy.


I have no shame… I’m watching Boruto. :slight_smile:


How is Golden Kamuy? I think I’d be more tempted to read the manga after seeing some of the cgi they’ve used in the show.

@Hank Is Boruto just more of the same? Similar shonen shenanigans?


Pretty much. It’s taking the next generation thing and running with it. The kids who survived Shippuuden are all grown up and they’ve paired off and had kids.

The new Team 7 is Boruto (Naruto & Hinata); Sarada (Sakura and Sauske); and Mitsuki (Orochimaru’s son).

The new Team 10 has the next generation of Ino-Shika-Cho, and Team 5 has Rock Lee’s son Metal, although we don’t know who his mother is.

For me part of the thrill is seeing the kids from Naruto and Shippuuden as parents. Of course the kids are “special” but I don’t really mind it and when the adults get involved, it gets stupid awesome, such as when Naruto and Sauske whup up on someone who has severely overestimated their self worth.

They straight forwardly avoid having Boruto wanting to follow in his father’s footsteps. Part of Boruto’s tension with his father is how much time he spends working. Since his dad is the Hokage, Boruto doesn’t want it. Even after they reconcile, Boruto mentor winds up being Sauske (with Naruto’s blessing).

It’s fun and dynamic, and it’s something to look forward too every week.

And the new Sand genin are hella scary.


Thanks, that’s a pretty cool write-up of the show for someone who isn’t watching it. I never really got into Naruto because back in my early teens Bleach found me first. Funny how out of the big three, it’s the one that ended up in last place.

The legacy thing seems really in vogue these days, and when I first heard about Boruto I thought it might just have been a cash-grab, an adequate continuation just to have the IP continue. However you’ve made it sound pretty cool.

A show being fun and dynamic sounds worth watching to me. I guess that’s why I watch My Hero Academia (and enjoy it more than I ever thought I would).


I really enjoyed Golden Kamuy. It’s a good story, but yeah, the CG stuff is pretty lacking. I don’t think the series really excels in any one thing, but I found it to be really interesting and I found myself looking forward to it each week. It was certainly my favourite out of the weekly shows like, Dragon Ball, Kakuriyo Bed and Breakfast, and Steins Gate. (I enjoy Steins Gate as well but holy hell, melodramatic.)



I try not to get all ranty about incorrect details in videos that are really concerned with thematic content, but describing Cowboy Bebop as having people explore the universe, or acting like SF is a reflection of the present being some great revelation are heating (not quite boiling) my blood


Kathy has been working through the entire run of Bleach, and I am losing the will to live. It was fun when it started but THERE’S SO MUCH OF IT :scream_cat:


If you’re not skipping the filler, then I feel for you.





The second Gundam Thunderbolt compilation movie is up on the official YouTube channel for viewing, if you like mecha carnage and jazz music


Oh man, I just happen to have a lot of down time at my new job. I am totally going to watch this after my podcast today. Thanks!