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Anime Thread


I watched the beginning but lost interest after about 30 minutes. I think it was pretty cost conscious so it didn’t look quite as good as BLAME!, AJIN or KNIGHTS OF SIDONIA.

I was actually more interested in the stories set up in the prologue.


It’s the first in a trilogy of movies, apparently. And it’s also a distant sequel to New Godzilla.

I got halfway through last night and enjoyed it well enough, I’ll watch the rest tonight


How about traditional animation:


So yeah, Godzilla: Planet of Monsters was OK. Good setup, and like @BeingHenning said the backplot was very interesting. But it’s like almost half the movie before they get back to Earth, and Godzilla doesn’t show up until there’s less than half an hour left, and it’s all very standard really. None of the characters have any depth except Haruo, and even he isn’t particularly interesting.

But it looks pretty, I like the design work (though it really reminds me of Blame and Knights of Sidonia too), and the fights with Godzilla and the smaller monsters are pretty cool. It basically coasts on the cool parts, but when compared to the thoughtful and interesting take on the story in New Godzilla, it just looks less great.


If only Hideaki Anno had directed this one!
A Godzilla movie that looks like a Rebuild movie? A guy can dream.
Did you watch it in English or Japanese? And when is the next part going to be? Is it months away? A year?


I watched it in Japanese, and Wiki says the next movie, which will have Mechagodzilla in it will be out in May. Presumably that’s the Japanese release, in which case it’ll be on Netflix in July or August if they keep the same pattern as Planet of Monsters





Awesome. I hope it’s good. Sounds like a pretty fun concept.

Has anybody been watching Megalo Box? I’ve been enjoying it a lot. Really stylish but in a way that brings back the 90s sci-fi grunge that’s been sadly absent from anime for a very long time. Watching this makes me realise just how long it’s been.


Haven’t been too interested in any new Anime lately. Honestly, the last truly great anime series I saw was MADE IN ABYSS.



Speaking of video essays on Akira:







I watched Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle last night, and the anime trilogy continues to be OK. This is in many ways a retread of the first structurally - Haruo and his companions spend an hour of the movie faffing about and planning to fight Godzilla, execute their plan, and something unexpected happens at the end. And then there’s an after-credits scene which teases the next movie.

Which isn’t to say this is bad, Polygon’s animation style is well-used here, the approach to the story and universe is cool. It feels a bit like Knights of Sidonia vs kaiju but that’s not the worst idea in the world. The angle they use for Mechagodzilla is very cool and quite unique as a weapon to use against Godzilla as well.

The thing whih bemused me was the forshadowing and teasing for the final movie, witht he closing scene suggesting Ghidorah will show up next time, though it’s pretty obvious the people who survived on earth are worshipping Mothra, so we could well be getting some level of remake of Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster next.


I started watching Full Metal Panic: Invisible Victory last night, and damn, they blew up the status quo pretty effectively in the first few episodes. It picks up pretty much right after the end of The Second Raid, with no flashbacks or anything to get one up to date (I rewatched TSR a month or two back to prepare)

The animation is fantastic, taking full advantage of the general improvement of anime techniques, especially CG/cel integration to provide some spectacular action scenes. There’s a great extended chase sequence where Souske and Chidori have to fight their way past a whole host of antagonists that’s really gripping, but also very naturalistic in terms of how the action is presented - aside from Souske using an assault rifle one-handed, there’s no extraneously exploding cars or anything like that.

And in a fun moment, later on Souske winds up fighting in Arm Slave gladiator-style combat, with the mechs all bearing sponsorship logos of real Japanese companies that produce FMP toys and merch.