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I watched a few more. It’s good fun and I might watch more eventually, if I ever find the time (in other words, it’s not a “drop everything and binge watch all of it” programme).




New Batman anime!


INUYASHIKI THE LAST HERO (not to be confused with InuYasha) is quite good and in the mode of more mature anime with strong action scenes like RE: CREATORS, for example. Based on a Manga by the creator of GANTZ, I believe, it follows two men, a man in his 50’s and one in his late teens, who are struck by a UFO entering our dimension. To undo the damage, the alien intelligences replace the men with android drone weapons that also happen to have enough power to devastate the planet. Both men take completely different approaches to using that power.

Speaking of Gantz, the CGI feature GANTZ: 0 on Netflix is interesting, but the photoreal but slightly strange style of the movie is a bit hard to watch. I much prefer the anime series.


More Anime than Anime is our motto.



The end credits to Dragon Half, for no reason other than it’s just the most awesome thing ever:


MADE IN ABYSS and WORLDEND (Suka Suka) are shows worth watching. With STRANGER THINGS and IT exploiting the kids in danger route, it is worth noting that anime series have gone down that road in heart wrenching spades for a long time now.

I mean, as much as I like IT, one of it’s main accomplishments is not killing any of the main children protagonists. It’s an accomplishment because even though the monster can’t even kill one of these little kids - though it has plenty of chances - it still comes off as an amazingly effective traumatic antagonist for the story.

However, compared to Higurashi, Madoka or even the much inferior Another, it seems a little tame. I mean, in American adventure involving children protagonists stuck facing monstrous situations where the parents are oblivious, the worst that can happen is that someone the kid heroes care about gets killed. In Anime, the worst actually happens and often it’s one or more of the heroes who do their worst.


Has anybody watched Devilman Crybaby? The new anime just released by Netflix is full of style and mood. I’m not familiar with the Devilman mythos so I can’t see how much of this show is brand-new versus remixing elements which are already present, but two episodes in and I’m really enjoying it. Be mindful of the “mature” rating it’s been given though. The show doesn’t really hold back.


Bear in mind that the Devilman manga is by the same guy who made Violence Jack, one of the most infamous video nasty-style anime releases


And to think that I always just knew him as the Mazinger Z guy.


Go Nagai revolutionised two things: mech manga and anime, and sex in manga and anime.

Seriously, his first professional long form work was a manga who’s name translates as “Shameless High School”, and it was basically a raunchy 80s US college comedy movie, but a comic in the 60s


This new Devilman anime keeps making more sense with everything you say.
Have you watched it? Do you plan to?


I’ve not watched it yet, the only Devilman I’ve seen is the 2-part OVA from the 90s, but I might give it a shot.


I watched it this weekend. I’m not really sure how I feel about it. I both loved and hated the animation and found it a bit gratuitous but I plan to watch it again. I tend to judge things too harshly the first time around. While the animation style is pretty cool, I definitely prefer more detail in my anime.

Boobies though!


I like Masaaki Yuasa’s style. Having recently watched the cinema release of “The Night is Short, Walk on Girl” I got to see all of the strengths of his stuff on the big screen. While it won’t become my favourite style of anime (mostly to the loss of detail, like you say) it’s bold and striking enough to stand out from the pack, and I like it quite a lot.


Oh, I absolutely LOVED Ping Pong. I dig his style. I`ll have to just rewatch it.


DEVILMAN CRYBABY is the shit. It’s like watching the distilled essence of 80’s anime from Akira to Overfiend poured into a Bakemonogatari Tokyo Ghoul cocktail.


The new Godzilla thing (I thought it was supposed to be a movie, but it’s listed as part one) has hit Netflix so I watched it.
It’s alright. Pretty fun to get a little more sci-fi mixed in with your monster movie, but after almost ninety minutes I can’t say that I know much about any of the characters. Some of this movie looks very nice, but I still wish that it wasn’t all CG. While I’m up for watching the next part (whenever that’s going to be) I’m not really sure what the point of this thing is, or where it’s leading. I’d heard that this was supposed to be set in the same canon as Shin Godzilla but the information that we get here doesn’t seem to match up very well. Overall it seems like a bit of an odd beast.
Has anybody else watched this thing?