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I actually found Hideo Kojima’s take on the movie to be fair and interesting.
It’s not too far off from my own take.


Gundam The Origin episode 4 has been released for free on Gundaminfo


So, after all these years, I finally bought Space Dandy!
I remember watching the first episode shortly after it aired, and watching some of it when it popped up on Netflix, but this time I can see it all.
I’m loving it. This is the best anime I’ve seen in years, with the caveat being that it’s very much in my wheelhouse (space, spaceships, new alien life and a heavy focus on exploration, being pretty deep in a stupid kind of way).
I’ve just finished “Plants are living things, too, baby” which was pretty out there and kind of melancholic. The animation in this show is going to reward rewatches, which is great considering it doesn’t look like we’re getting anything like this anytime soon.

I know that you’ve all seen it already, but posting about the show just seemed like the dandy thing to do, baby.


Go team boobies!


Is this an indication of support for all anime in general? :confused:


It can be two things!


Actually, I meant to ask if you’d checked out Gundam The Origin or Yamato 2199/2202? They’re retro-tastic retellings of classic 70s anime with modern animation and a blending of 70s and modern asthethics.


No, not at all. My watching of anime has always been fairly random and sporadic. These days, I mostly watch what Kathy picks up through her Lovefilm subscription, and I think she just ticks things on their site randomly based on cool titles (currently season 2 of Darker Than Black: Gemini of the Meteor. It took me half an episode to work out we had actually seen season 1 of it :smiley: ).


Check this out then:




Fantastic. I’ve always loved the idea that the Yamato looked like, well, a battleship, which is a completely ridiculous idea. It would be a travesty if they updated it to look more “realistic”.


Yeah, they even kept the Yamato the same in the 2010 live-action movie, which basically aped the look and feel of Battlestar Galactica for almost everything else.


Your Name is getting a UK IMAX release tonight.

I saw this when it first dropped in UK cinemas (I want to say sometime last autumn) and have been disappointed by the lack of blu-ray release to date. So I’m definitely going to this, interested in seeing how the movie plays differently on such a towering screen. Will my attempts to read the subtitles kill me? Or will I just get a neck-cramp? Either way I’m excited, and I recommend the film in general.


I saw an ad for that before the anniversary screening of Akira last year. I’m interested to see it but missed it at the cinema when it first came out.


I wish I’d caught Akira in the cinema!

Well if you can’t make it tonight, I think it’s finally coming out on home video in the next few months (October or November I think). I don’t think I’ve ever had something on pre-order for over a year before. :sleeping:


Release date for Your Name is November 7th. I’m really looking forward to that one. I’ve already pre-ordered through Rightstuf.


Finished watching the second season of Darker Than Black. Unfortunately, so long after watching the first season that some details were hazy in my memory, and a lot of what was happening didn’t seem to make any sense.

Then watched the series of Darker Than Black OVAs, which was “disk 3” of season 2 and therefore obviously comes after the end of the season, right?

Uh… no, things are even more completely incomprehensible in these. It’s almost as if we’re watching a prequel to season 2, and if that’s true it would explain why parts of season 2 made no sense…

Yep, wiki tells me that the OVAs take place between the two seasons. Suddenly everything becomes clear – except the question of why they would put them on the third disk of the season :confused:

Anyway, I like the DTB universe. In the world’s background, a spatial anomaly (actually two, one in Tokyo (obviously) and one in … uh, Brazil I think … has screwed up a lot of stuff and led to the emergence of “Contractors”, humans who develop super-human powers, but pay a price for the power by engaging in some compulsive behaviour whenever they use it – eating some particular food, making a paper crane, self harming, etc. Contractors no longer have human emotions, so they become pawns hired by various spy agencies and criminal gangs.

Beyond that, it all gets a bit convoluted, with end-of-the-world prophesies, finding out what the anomalies actually are (uh… I still have no idea), Contractors who develop emotions (for reasons that I’m unclear on), and plots-within-plots where you’re not entirely sure who the good guys are. It’s all very atmospheric and the powers are nicely conceptualised, but … I’m still waiting for someone to explain everything to me :smiley:



For those who don’t know, Perfect Blue is getting screenings in the UK and Ireland over the next few days


Eight episodes into Bleach and it’s really… weird. I don’t mean weird storywise, I mean tonally weird. It veers between angsty melodrama and ridiculous slapstick, and doesn’t seem to know whether it wants to be serious or not.

I like the mythology, and it’s overall good fun, but it’s just… weird.


Another month, another anime feature film getting a limited release in UK cinemas (you could say that we’ve had two this month, if you count the new Pokemon movie). This time it’s Fireworks, Should We See It from the Side or the Bottom?

Based on a fifty minute tv movie from the early 1990s, this is some sort of romance, teen drama, time travel story. Animated by studio Shaft, I’m willing to give this a shot, despite being unfamiliar with everyone involved in this creatively. The film looks pretty enough, and I do like the idea of supporting these theatrical anime releases as often as I can. It also helps that I’m always free on Wednesday nights, which is when they seem to schedule all of these releases.

Did you get any further with this? I saw the first seventy or so episodes when I was a teenager. It was fun shonen stuff, and I found it exciting at the time, but I’m not sure that much of it would hold up if I tried to go back to it. I do like Tite Kubo’s art though, so I’ve always meant to give the manga a shot.