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Yet, no one has done it as well as Madoka. Gen Urobuchi is on a class of his own :wink:

Btw, Boku no Hero Academia is one of those examples where you see how execution is better than concept. This series is basically Naruto but with superheroes instead of Ninjas, it’s full of classic shounen tropes and yet it’s fun, exciting and emotional. The main character is endearing and likable, you can relate to him, his earnest desire to just have someone who believes in him touches all the right strings. You don’t need a super unique concept to tell a story. You just need to touch the heart of the audience.


HunterXHunter is a good comparison as well. The Academy is similar to the Hunter Examination and the other hero students similar to the diverse talents of the Hunter hopefuls. Also, Izuku’s personality and outlook is far closer to Goku than Naruto who began as a practical joker and poor student.


That’s precisely why I find Izuku more likable than I ever did Naruto. But he’s still the underdog.


I also like Hunter better than Naruto as far as shows from that period. With Alchemist up there as well. Katsuki, actually, seems much more like Naruto in the beginning.


So, I saw the first two episodes of Yamato 2202 over the weekend. As the name suggests, it’s a sequel to Yamato 2199, with the crew of the Space Battleship scattered. Kodai is commanding a Cosmo Destroyer as part of a combined Human/Gamillan fleet, prosecuting the Gamillan war against Gatlantis (as seen in an episode or two of 2199, as well as the movie), he and Yuki are married, and she’s an officer in Cosmo Fleet HQ. Shima is commanding a supply fleet, Akira is training pilots in lunar orbit, Sanda and Enomoto are overseeing the Yamato’s refit, and Makato and Saburo have had a child, but he’s quite ill and Makato blames her exposure to cosmic radiation when they got married.Doctor Sado, still grieving over Captain Okita’s death holds a vigil over his grave.

The first episode is largely an extended battle between a Gatlantean fleet and the allied forces, which sees the debut of the new Earth battleship Andromeda, which mounts two wave motion guns. As the battle winds down, a heavily damaged Gatlantean dreadnaught follows two withdrawing Cosmo Fleet ships back to earth, planning to crash into the new capital city until it’s stopped by Kodai in hot pursuit, and the partially rebuilt Yamato.

This is all setting the scene, as when the Yamato crew reunite to pay tribute to Captain Okita, there is a weird flash where they all get a message from a father figure telling them to return to Yamato. At the same time, thanks to the battle, the emperor of Gantlantis now knows the location of Earth, and plans to take his war to the Humans’ homeworld.

The second episode picks up right away, with intrigue manifesting between Earth and Gamillas as their ambassador contacts Kodai to explain the event at the end of episode 1, but he’s got to find a way to get to their embassy on the Moon, while avoiding the scrutiny of Earth’s intelligence service…

These two episodes were a great return to the world of Yamato, the opening battle draws some great parallels to the start of original TV series, with Kodai piloting the same class of ship as his brother did, and both lead their ships on an aggressive fight through their enemy’s lines (the animation here is awesome), and there’s a great feeling of progression of the story, but that maybe Earth has lost its way despite the heroism of Yamato’s crew. Their interaction with Starsha have given them a perspective on war that has either been ignored or not understood on earth - the danger of using wave motion energy as a weapon (everyone is visibly angry when they see Andromeda in action), the alliance with the Gamillans feels very much like realpolitik, and a commentary on Imperial Japan as well.

Of course, all this is a prelude to the main plot, the Gatlantean threat to Earth, the mysterious figure who’s contacted the crew, and the crew reuniting and bringing the ship back to save the day are all still to come.



By tomorrow? :open_mouth:

I’ve heard of short shooting schedules, but that’s really impressive!



My copy of the My Hero Academia anime should be arriving in the mail tomorrow and I am pretty excited to see what all the fuss is about. Ever since you posted this I have been seeing various articles and posts online about the show dominating my twitter feed and other places. I finally had to place an order. I don’t work tomorrow either so hopefully it shows up early in the day.


Another Screen Rant DBZ article, but one that kinda makes sense:



If you grew up in the 1990s, the saddest part of your childhood was probably

that you didn’t grow up in the 1970s :cry:


RE: CREATORS first episode is very entertaining and makes the most of a nice concept. Like its name implies, it is going for something like a RE: ZERO vibe, but in this case it’s the reverse situation. Instead of a normal boy entering the world of a fantasy anime/light novel/manga/rpg, the boy is confronted with characters from an actual light novel he’s reading suddenly entering his world.


BLAME! is a throwback movie to the dark dystopian period of anime like GHOST IN THE SHELL, ERGO PROXY, PSYCHO PASS and, oddly, BERZERK. Of course that’s mostly due to the manga which came out right in the middle of that period. It’s easy for anime fans to get into but I think casual viewers would want more explanation.


I enjoyed the new Blame! quite a bit more than the old anime. I was not a fan of the old anime. In fact, I gave my copy away, I hated it so much. The new movie was pretty good though. Hopefully we get some more.


It’s a step up for Polygon from KNIGHTS OF SIDONIA. KOS is worth a watch, but the animation dips a bit at various points in the series and it avoids really having satisfying action scenes.

I am looking forward to GODZILLA: MONSTER PLANET after this.



The always excellent Nerdwriter casts a critical eye over the live-action Ghost in the Shell, comparing it back to the original anime: