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Congratulations on finding the anime thread!


I am well proud of myself! :slight_smile:


Wait, @Christian, it’s Bokurano meets GTO!


I was not a fan of that show. I bought the first season and didn’t really care for it. If I had to guess, I was underwhelmed by the art and did not care for the premise. I thought it was silly. I guess it’s no more silly than most of the other stuff I watch. Who am I to judge?


I looked at the manga for it and (like most manga) the art wasn’t to my taste.
The popular stuff doesn’t seem to have the best art, does it?
I always want to find good manga to read though. I just find it tricky.


I’ve just watched Ninja Scroll for the first time. Daaaamn, what a movie. I really enjoyed this.
There’s not much plot, but that’s never really a criticism from me, especially when a movie is this smart about it’s moment to moment action and character beats. Despite being a run-the-gauntlet/video-game-style progression (there are eight key evil people to defeat) I thought the action itself was usually pretty clever and the animation is great. For a twenty-odd year old movie, I’d say it has aged rather well.
I’m sure most of you have seen it. What do you think?


It’s been years since I watched it but I remember quite enjoying it. Although like you, I seem to remember it was fairly light on story (with quite a sudden, jarring ending) but that the action more or less made up for it.


New Gundam Thunderbolt is up for free on Gundaminfo


Went to see A Silent Voice at the pictures last night. Proper heavy teenage angst stuff, which did get a bit too much for a little bit of the film, but the vast majority of it had me gripped and really invested in the characters, loads of heart there, teenage angst done uncommonly well. Even when it did get a bit over the top, it still felt true, because teenagers are frustratingly self absorbed and over the top. Animation is properly lovely, it makes me happy that at a time when 2D animation has been pretty much abandoned in the west, Japan cranks out big lush top-quality productions like this that are over 2 hours long.


Really enjoyed the return of this series.

And aside form the Jazz. It’s been some quality mecha action.
Plus so many tweaks to existing suits.


Is The Girl Who Leapt Through Time any good? I’ve seen the Blu-Ray on special offer and wondered whether it was worth picking it up.


I am a big fan of that movie, and of most other films they put out as well. The animation is top notch. Definitely check it out.


Six Anime Films Worth Watching That Aren’t By Studio Ghibli


I’ve just watched Summer Wars, which I thought was great! I’m actually surprised by how much I liked it. Madhouse sure can animate.
Now I’m really sad that the director’s most recent film (The Boy and the Beast) is yet to get a UK release. Will it ever come out?


Nice list. I was disappointed by the lack of Redline but then the comments section had me more than covered. :sunglasses:


Anime’s Bloody Nose Trope Isn’t Backed By Science


Whoa, talk about weird timing. I saw that happen last night in an anime and wondered what the hell it was about as it made no sense in the context of what was happening. (Seriously, I was thinking…“has she just belted him with her boobs or something?” :laughing: ). I had no idea it was an established trope.


Well, since I tried to make this its own thread but it seems it didn’t take off, here am I shilling Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia)…

I respectfully ask to a moderator if he could delete my original thread. Thanks in advance.

I don’t know if it was already mentioned in this thread but here’s the rundown for those who may not known it:

A manga series written and drawn by Horikoshi Kohei that’s been serializing in Shonen Jump since 2014. The story is set in a world where most people in the world has superpowers (called Quirks) and being a superhero is a commonly accepted and law-sanctioned profession. The main character, Midoriya Izuku dreams of becoming a supehero like his idol, the Superman analogue All Might. But Izuku had the bad luck of being part of the minority that was born without a Quirk. But that will soon change with a fateful meeting with his idol…

The series mixes American superhero comics and the Japanese shounen (young boys) battle genre, and has all the standard tropes of it while managing to feel fresh and exciting. For people who like both things it’s a delight to see the superhero genre represented this way. It also adds a competitive sports-like quality to it that it’s present in a lot of these type of manga. It’s fun, inspiring and there’s just something extremely feel-good about it that makes you smile like a good old-fashioned superhero comic should. I think that from all the manga and anime that tried to capture the spirit of American superhero comics, this is the best one yet, and it does so in a completely sincere way, without even a bit of irony, tongue-in-cheekness or slap at the genre. It’s celebratory. I’d recommend it highly.

The manga is still running strong weekly with 136 chapters and there’s an EXCELLENT anime adaptation by Studio Bones with an already completed 13 episode first season and a second one currently airing.



I still prefer the manga to the anime, but Boku No Hiro Akadamia is pretty faithful to the source. It is natural that western-style superheroes would start showing up in Japan even though they still have plenty of their own from Ultraman/Gotchaman/Kamen Rider types to Mahou Shoujo. Tiger and Bunny and One Punch Man are obvious examples, and I’d recommend the Manga Ratman for those who like Akadamia as it is sort of like the reverse of that story.

Recent interesting anime series I’ve seen from White Fox studios (Akame Ga Kill, Re:Zero) are Matoi The Sacred Slayer and Grimoire of Zero. So far, both are straightforward entertainment and fun even though there are hints of darker elements. Grimoire of Zero reminds me a little of A Certain Magical Index and Re:Zero while Matoi is something of a straightforward Magical Girl series that has none of the horror elements like Madoka Magica or Yuki Yuna is a Hero. Madoka Magica was revolutionary when it came out, but now so many other series have taken that approach that a straightforward show stands out.