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You took the same timeline as mine which is barely the most close from a real “chronological timeline”. I found New Movie very weak compared to Solid state society (the OAV that ends SAC, like New Movie ended Arise) or the GITS 1 & 2.


I’ll look forward to watching Solid State Society then. It sounds like it treads on similar territory to Innocence, so I’ll be interested to see where it differs.

Ishikawa’s dub voice was so great in Arise that I really find myself missing it as I watch SAC (even though it’s fantastic). I can only hope that when they make more GitS they give Brandon Potter the call.


I’ve started watching Psycho-Pass and I love it. I’m nearly halfway through the first series and I just find the world really compelling. The characters are cool too, and thankfully there haven’t been any flashback episodes to flesh out the supporting cast because they usually make me snooze.
This show has style to spare. Some pretty good animation and music. I’m not sure why it took me this long to check it out, but I’m really glad that I got there in the end.


I really enjoyed this series too. I wish I had picked up on this series sooner because I had to pay a small fortune to get a copy of the collector’s edition blu ray for the firs season.


Yeah, I settled for the dvd version because the blu-ray is seriously overpriced. It still looks good though, even if it’s not hd.
I’ve gone ahead and bought the second season and the movie. That’s all of it, right? Or are they planning to make more?


That’s all of it so far. I’m not aware of any plans for more. The second series was not terribly well received so it wouldn’t surprise if it was done.


Just watched two episodes of something called Freezing. It can be summed up as follows:

“I challenge you to combat, for reasons you don’t need to worry about because there isn’t actually a plot. Now stand still while my impractically large weapon shreds your clothing to reveal your unfeasibly large bosums!”

Variations on the above speech typically delivered while the camera is focused on the speaker’s panties, which I guess is a legitimate way of avoiding fiddly lip-synching :rolling_eyes:

Uh … recommended if you like that sort of thing, I guess :confused:


That’s a whole genre at this point.


Well, we found the bonus features on the disc, titled “OVA”.

It seems that OVA doesn’t mean what I thought it meant :fearful: :flushed:


Did you think it meant Original Video Animation?


That’s what it meant when I were a lad.


I’ve never really gotten into Gundam anime before but lately I’ve been watching Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn RE:0096 and I love it. I absolutely love the animation and character design. The art is superb. It looks so familiar to me but I can’t put my finger on where I recognize it from. That rarely happens to me. I’m usually so good at telling what else they’ve worked on.

Are there others in this art style, @Lorcan_Nagle? (While I did enjoy Iron Blooded Orphans, the art does not even compare.)

My interest in Gundam anime is at an all time high now.


The character art style is based on Yoshikazu “Yas” Yasuhiko’s work, he did the character designs for Gundam and Zeta Gundam back in the 70s and 80s. Check out Gundam The Origin, which is an adaptation of Yas’ recent manga retelling of the original series, which he’s designed and directed. There’s 4 episodes out so far, with another 4 on the way so far. Between them they cover the major events of Gundam canon from before the show begins.


Series 1 of Gundam Thunderbolt is streaming free online, one episode per week for the next month.

Though the end of the first week is in three days because I only just noticed this.

Thunderbolt is a very good watch, it’s far more into the brutal unfogiving war side of the saga, has gorgeous animation, an insane jazz soundtrack, and is only 15 minutes per episode.




Gundam Thunderbolt series 2 PV:

Really looking forward to getting a model kit of the Atlas Gundam.


Hard to argue with many of these.


I have watched a few episodes of Assassination Classroom on Netflix. Now that’s my kind of anime. By which I mean, this is some heavy craziness. It’s like Dead Poets Society meets Battle Royale. Well, no Battle Royale isn’t true. Um, it’s like Dead Poets Society would be if the teacher in Dead Poets Society was a great teacher but also a weird-looking monster that has blown up the moon and promised it’ll destroy the Earth next year if the kids don’t manage to kill it.

But in the meantime, it’s a great teacher and also helps with the kids’ personal problems.

It’s a great concept.


Sounds like Dead Poets Society meets a slightly less depressing Bokurano?