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The point of UBW is setting up what is the last route of the series, Heaven’s Feel, which is a subversion of everything that came prior and the basis to Fate/Zero. The character relationships are as complex as that one if not more. Shirou is a better character than Kiritsugu IMO. Watching him being developed in three different ways and each one serving to a grander picture is something unique I haven’t seen anywhere else.

Sadly Fate is not a series that benefitted from being adapted to anime and Visual Novels are a pretty niche medium. Fate/Zero was based on a prose novel and Urobuchi’s style flows more like a movie thus is more fit to anime adaptations so it worked better.


Yeah, the best visual novel adaptation has to be STEINS;GATE, but most of the time, I’m not drawn into anime adapted from them as much as from Manga or older anime.


Steins;Gate is a strange case, it must be because the plot flows in a way that makes it easier to adapt to anime. Fate/stay Night flows more like a day to day chronicle with LOTS of internal monologues so taking those away makes the thing seem boring or overlong at times. Incomplete as well, since they have so much vital information about the characters and what makes them thick and thus the anime comes off as two dimensional. It’s really something that works better in the medium that was written for.


What’s up with calling the King the Fuhrer? The original Japnese word, Daisoto, can also mean “Supreme Commander”, so why translate it with naziesque imagery?


it fits the story farther on in.

Also, his first name is King, I believe. He’s not king. He was elected president and declared himself Fuhrer.


Oh, so the Hitler parallels are on purpose?


Not necessarily so directly. This is a Japanese show and just like we completely don’t understand the connotations beneath Japanese or Chinese culture when using their superficial elements in our popular entertainment, they’ve been influenced completely differently by the superficial elements of Western and especially various periods of European culture. Seems like there is an FMA movie where Hitler and the Thule Society are the villains, but primarily the influence is simply on design and other superficial elements that would set it apart from other Manga in Japan. The creator isn’t taking a position on Nazism or Fascism in the story.

It doesn’t really mean anything that he’s called Fuhrer other than he’s a dictator. His aims are based on the fiction of the story and not on anything historical.


See, that’s my thing. I’m ok with Japan using Hitler in such a superficial way, given their culture (I actually have big problems with not understanding that. I’m actually angry at the fact that the ADL protested the use of a left-facing swastika on a Japan-only Pokemon card, for example) I just feel that given that “Daisoto” has translations other then “Fuhrer”, that if it doesn’t change the story or its themes, something more neutral should have been used as a translation for Western audiences.


You don’t have to watch it if you don’t want to. It’s got nothing to do with the story.


I know, and I am watching it, I just find it weird that “Daisoto” was translated as “Fuhrer” for Western audiences.


maybe. Maybe not. You’ll have to watch the whole thing to find out.

Have you gotten to the War of Extermination yet?


Mob Psycho 100 is amazing. That intro song is my hype moment of the day.


Aside from MOB PSYCHO 100%, RE:ZERO is my favorite anime series this year. It gets surprisingly deep and painful for what starts out like a typical teen lost in a fantasy world series.


I recently watched a series called Den-Noh Coil that really impressed me. From animenewsnetwork:

I was actually surprised to discover this series is from 2007. I feel like it’s a few years ahead of it’s time with it’s focus on augmented reality. In looking at the history of augmented reality on wikipedia, I would say Pokemon Go is really the first mainstream use of this. I thought Nintendo had already kinda been doing this with one of the DS models, but don’t see it on the list.

Anyways, I really dug this story. I thought it was really well done. The storytelling is excellent and I love the characters. And, as I suspected as I watched it, has a key animation director from Kill La Kill. (Damn I am good!*) In checking this I see it also has the same director as the Cowboy Bebop movie.

*I am getting really, really good at recognizing animator’s styles. I can usually see an anime and immediately tell which other animes they’ve worked on.


The original FMA is my favorite too. Don’t forget to check the movie as it finishes the story of the original anime.

Anybody reading MOB Psycho? Haven’t checked the anime yet.


I find it hard to read MOB PSYCHO 100% but the anime series is great. Completely upends the normal anime hero story.


Anyone been keeping up with Dragon Ball Super? Man, todays episode was epic at the end. Theres been moments like that once per episode now and its so awesome. Cant wait to see where they take it.


Patlabor reboot coming from HEADGEAR and Studio Khara (Rebuild of EVA)


That looks great.
Is it a movie or an OVA or a show?
Regardless it look like something to fill the time until the final Rebuild comes out.


There’s a short film currently showing as an extra at a screening event Khara does for up and coming animators, and there might be more coming after that (hopefully)