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Lines like this are why I love Macross.


As always, the backgrounds in Makoto Shinkai’s new anime, Your Name, are impressive. I can’t wait to geek out to this.


Who’s looking forward to this?


Promo video for Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans series 2:


GHOST HOUND proved to be entertaining but did not conclude very satisfactorily considering the build up. A lot of strands simply didn’t play out.

GANGSTA is proving to be quite enjoyable though it certainly feels like it takes a lot from other anime and manga. I like the closing art stills a lot. They remind me of Mignola.

RE ZERO is funny and mostly satisfying though very stereotypical. I’m a sucker for time loop stories though.


I enjoyed Ghost Hound. I agree with you about the ending though. It kinda lost steam. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it. Maybe I’ll watch it again this weekend.


Having missed The Wind Rises in cinemas the first time around, Laura and I jumped at the chance to go see it when my local cinema put on a Ghibli season.

And it was fantastic. It amused me that Miyazaki managed to get his dreamland Europe and elaborate flying machines into a biopic of a 1930s aerospace engineer, but it worked well, and the subtle tilt in the colour palette during Jiro’s dream sequences made it quite easy to discern the two worlds. The animation is gorgeous all around, the story is brilliantly written, the actors (including Evangelion co-creator and former Ghibli animator Hideki Anno as Jiro) are all amazing. I can’t say enough good things about it. It’s not as good as Spirited Away, but I’m struggling to think of another Miyazaki movie I prefer to it right now.


I love the sound effects that are done with people’s voices, like the train and the earthquake.
It’s such a beautiful film.


I still haven’t seen it yet. I really want to. My local independent shows Ghibli stuff on fairly regular rotation but always seems to schedule screenings during work hours, annoyingly.


The movie editions of the original Mobile Suit Gundam TV series are up to view on the Gundaminfo Youtube channel between now and the 21st of September


LOL @ “22 th” and " 21 th". :joy:


Watched the pilot on Crunchyroll and fallen asleep in the middle of it.
But since I love One-Punch Man, I’ll give it another chance when I’m less tired.


Yamato 2202, February 25th

Oh yes. Oh yes indeed


MOB PSYCHO 100 managed a somewhat confusing but big reveal after the credits on Episode 10. So far it has been very unusual in characters, animation and story as it does exactly the opposite of what you’d expect sometimes and then hits you with something that is so completely “inside baseball” you don’t expect it.

As a character, like Saitama in a lot of ways, Mob is such a blank and at times outright oblivious that it is easy to slide into his point of view. The show reminds me of other esper Anime like A Certain Magical Index/Scientific Railgun, X and Akira but with a much more entertaining comic take. Also, it is interesting how impressive the art is even though they actively present it in an unpolished and sketchy style. I think it is actually more difficult to make this style work than going for the more polished look you see in One Punch Man or other popular anime.


Now I’m watching FMA, and I’m really enjoying it.


Which one? The first one or Brotherhood? Both are good but significantly different.


The original.


I like both, but the original is my favorite. BROTHERHOOD is more like the Manga, but it also is harder to get into if you’ve seen the original.

FMA reminded me of TRIGUN, a much older anime, I think, and D GRAY MAN.


Brotherhood is great. :smile:


The Fate series is best experienced in its original medium, the Visual Novel. Unlimited Blade Works is actually the second act in a series of three alternate routes, which tell a complete story. One route by itself is useless. The character development is top notch IMO and Fate/Zero’s viewing experience is better if you’re already familiarized with the story of the original. In fact, F/Z spoils pretty much the entirety of the original.