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So, we were talking about the music in Space Dandy and while its not as obvious as the beats in Bebop, its still pretty damn cool.

Id happily buy a soundtrack of this and pump it on a Sunday when I want some equal parts funk and chill.

Also boobies.


Macross Delta Episode 2 has hit the tubes. After the battle on El-Sahal, Frejya and Hayate have been noticed by Walkure and Delta Platoon. They travel to planet Ragna, Frejya to audition for Walkure and Hayate to watch her fail, in his own words. Naturally he gets offered a slot in Delta Platoon almost right away, while Frejya has a bit more hard work on her hands.

This episode builds on the setup of episode 1 very well. Hayate and Mirage have an abrasive relationship from the beginning, similar to Hikaru and Misa back in the original Macross, We discover that Mikumo may be the most prominent member of Walkure, but she’s not the leader of the team.

We also learn a bit more about the backplot. The Aerial Knights are from Windemere, which is also Frejya’s homeworld. Their base is in a polar climate - no confirmation yet if they’re at one of the planet’s poles or if the world is in a ice age. There’s been a revolution recently and they closed their borders. And the Aerial Knights are working against some sort of deadline.

The show had a really good balance of comedy - Mirage and Hayate’s interactions are quite amusing, and Frejya is a total goofball for the most part - and drama, mostly from the Windemere side of things. I get the feeling that the plot is going to have the Windemerans looking to obtain a needed resource by force, similar to Aquarion EVOL, another of Shoji Kawamori’s recent series.

Now I admit I’m biased towards the franchise in general, but this is another solid entry thus far, I’m really looking forward to next week!


Gundam Unicorn RE:0096 episode 3 concludes the adaptation of OVA episode 1, but moves past the cliffhanger to incorporate the first few minutes of episode 2. Spoilers for those who care:

While there are later episodes that might be dragged out by switching to the TV format, I feel that it helped add some gravitas to the scenes of carnage during the battle here. Banagher’s asshole teacher is on-screen for the same amount of time, but there’s some distance between those appearances so you feel a little more when he dies saving some students.


Macross Delta Episode 3 is out, and it’s a nice, slow-paced one to allow Hayate and Frejya to adapt to their new lives on Ragna and prove their worth to their new comrades. In Hayate’s case this takes the form of dodging his formal training (mostly by Mirage) while attempting to chase a mercat that keeps stealing fish from the restaurant Delta Platoon room in; and for Frejya it’s not doing great in practice sessions until the rest of Walkure realises her musical resonance relies on feelings of danger.

The episode retains the light-hearted nature from the prior episodes. Freyja has some goofy moments, Hayate is sarcastic and infuriates Mirage, and the chasing of the Mercat is broad comedy. We’re also get more fleshing out of the rest of the cast - Messer is very serious, Chuck remains silly and is shown to be a native of Ragna, we see a bit more of the Bridge Operators and their quirks (one has big breasts, one always has a snack and there’s an octopus on her head, one has a mercat in her jacket).

Oh, and there’s some gorgeous dogfight scenes with CGI VF-1s as Hayate has to defeat Mirage in a mock battle to pass his training…


And more importantly you can watch Iron Blooded Orphans there too.


Macross Delta episode 4: Hayate and Frejya are officially welcomed to the team with a party at the restaurant the male pilots stay at, and then head off-world for Frejya’s debut at a “Waccine” concert meant to reduce the chances of a Var outbreak. Of course, the aerial knights attack, using Electronic Warfare drones to knock out Walkure’s omnidrones, and a targeted Var outbreak to turn a squadron of UN pilots against Delta Platoon - but there’s even more to their plan than all that.

The plot gets advanced a fair bit here - aside from the events of a Aerial Knight attack, we learn that Windemerans only live 30 years, so at 14 Frejya is almost halfway through her life. It also explains why she was fleeing an arranged marraige at such a young age. It’s also confirmed that Var is caused by the Windemerans’ young king singing and the use of an artifact of some sort. It looks like fold crystals - as seen in Macross Frontier play a part in all this.

The animation remains excellent, as is expected for Macross at this stage. Delta Platoon’s airshow above the abortive Walkure concert is fantastic, with shades of the 25th anniversary air show coming through. The party scene at the start has some good character moments as well as some decent comedy before the more serious second half of the episode. Oh, and Delta Platoon’s carrier is the arm of their Macross class ship, separated and operating on its own - which is pretty damn cool


Macross Delta episode 5:

After the action of last week, everyone takes stock. The Windemerans have declared war on the new UN, and while Walkure and Delta Platoon trust her, their HQ, the media on Ragna and Walkure’s fans all suspect Frejya is a spy, and Hayate is undecided if he’ll stick with Delta Platoon if they have to go to war.

After escaping a mob of reporters, Hayate and Frejya go for a joyride in his Valkyire, and Messer continues to be Iceman to Hayate’s Maverick.

This episode is about as exposition-heavy as Macross gets, which means there’s a lot of random snippets of conversations, vague references back to other series, and bits and pieces that you need to put together. We now know or can confirm the following:

Ragna and Windemere were colonised by humans 30-40 years ago, and both had indigenous life that was seeded or altered by the Protoculture, just like humanity. Ragna was colonised by a New Macross fleet, Windemere by a Megaroad. If the map of human colonisation shown in Macross Frontier is accurate, the fleets were Macross 01 and Megaroad 06

Windemerans feel that they got a bum deal from the colonists and seem to hate humans as a rule. They fought a rebellion 7 years ago (which is one year after Frontier), and the New UN capitulated after the Windemerans used a ‘dimension weapon’, presumably one of the Dimension Eaters from Macross Frontier. One dimension eater destroyed a planet in Frontier so this is pretty huge.

Captains Arad and Johnson, the commanders of Delta Platoon and Macross Elesion respectively were on Windemere during the rebellion, and seem to know the Windemerean king personally.

My only complaint about the episode is that Frejya sings Rune ga Pikatto Hikattara while she and Hayate go flying, and because it’s also the closing theme for the show it’s played like 3 minutes later when the episode ends.

And in the awesome category: Frejya is still goofy as all hell, witness her dance moves while singing in the back of Hayate’s Valkyrie


Patiently waiting for the next season of One-punch man…


I’d recommend FROM THE NEW WORLD. Closer to a PK Dick novel than an action packed anime, it is very effective for a low budget, somewhat mature series.


Has anybody seen the Ajin anime that is currently on Netflix?

I haven’t done any research into it but it appears to be the same folks that did Knights of Sidonia. Same style, anyways.

I really enjoyed it. I watched the entire season in two sittings.


I don’t like the Anime 3D/Pseudo 2D art style, but my wife really liked it. She’s now reading the Manga which, of course, has terrific art.


I definitely don’t like it as much, and it kinda bothers me at first when I watch one but by the end of the first episode I’m usually on board.


Things I’ve watched recently that weren’t Macross:

Gundam Unicorn RE:0096 powered through episode 2 of the OVA in basically 2 episodes. As I said upthread, there was a little bit of the episode at the end of TV episode 3, and this gets paid forward here with the start of OVA episode 3 making up the end of TV episode 5. Still no sign of any new content.

Fafner: Exodus. The original Fafner was a mecha anime from 2004. The idea being that the main characters were average schoolkids who wind up defending their home with the aid of giant mecha (of course). The twist here is that their idyllic home is actually an artificial island that’s been hidden away from the world while an implacable alien enemy called Festum, and the kids aren’t exactly ready to fight when they’re discovered. Add in some imagery from norse mythology and a physiological and psychological strain from piloting the fafner mecha, and you’ve got an EVA clone. But it’s a good EVA clone. It replaced the psychodrama of EVA with melodrama, and a brutal willingness to slaughter large chunks of the cast just as soon as you thought somebody was safe.

There’s a sequel movie called Heaven and Earth which picked up the story 2 years after the end of the TV series (and it was OK), and Exodus is set another 2 years after that. As a result of the end of the original series and movie, Festum is evolving and displaying some human qualities, and the remains of humanity are split in how to handle the problem. One beloved military leader has a cadre of people who can apparently communicate wth Festum, and as the government won’t support him he reaches out to the islanders for help. This leaves the allies battleing both Festum and humans as they try to link up before it’s too late.

I enjoyed the series, but not as much as the original Fafner. It maintains the harsh nature but tempers it somewhat (there are fewer deaths, but a couple of them are incredibly emotional), and has more of an umbiguously happy ending than the original series. It does seem to dial back on the relationship between the two male leads - Kazuki and Soushi, who were close friends to the point that you could believe they were in love, even to the point of some scenes in the movie showing them in loving embraces, but here Kazuki appears to be reciprocating the affections of one of the female characters. I’m not sure if this was an intentional dialing back or just me reading too much into things though.


And now for what I watched that was Macross:

Macross Delta episode 6.

The episode begins with everyone in the romantic triangle getting it in the neck - Frejya is being run ragged in band practice by Mikumo, while Messer is giving Hayate and Mirage a hard time during flight training, so all three resolve to prove their detractors wrong.

Meanwhile, the Windemerans have captured three worlds, and appear to be investigating Protoculture remains on one of them, with Prince Heinz singing through the fold portal thing on Weindemere to these ruins. And as Heinz runs himself ragged singing, Keith is leading the Aerial Knights on raids while not telling chief of state Roid, so the plot thickens on that front.

And to top the episode off, the Aerial Knights and Delta platoon clash in an asteroid belt surrounding the Knights’ next target. It’s not Hayate’s first battle, but it is the first time to fight an enemy who’s in a Valkryie as advanced as his one, who’s in full control of their faculties and is willing to kill.

This episode was a good mix of plot, characterisation and action. the early scenes on Ragna add a bit more depth to some of the characters (a lot of people have been speculating that Makina and Reina from Walkure are in lesbians with each other, and this episode adds a bit more weight to that theory), while Hayate’s relationship with Frejya and Mirage gets a lot of depth, and the latter begins to see Hayate as a friend this week. Also, Hayate and Mirage get their first moment of cooperation in the battle scene, and it’s glorious.

As a fan of mecha, and of mech toys, this episode had some nice treats as well. The VF-31s that Delta Platoon fly are a production version of the YF-30 from the Voices Across The Galaxy game, but they replace the large delta wing of the YF-30 with a swept-forward wing design instead, and this week we get a few cannon fodder 31s with the original wing design. The 30 has a weapon pod that can extend out, forming a big bar-shaped missile launch system that rises above the Valkyrie for use, and until now we’ve seen the 31 use a weapon pack that has a gunpod and a charging unit for the omnidrones, but this week it’s replaced with a Macross 7-inspired sound booster, which looks very cool. And as the battle takes place in space, Delta Platoon are rocking FAST Packs, the add-ons frequently seen in Macross to give valkyries more weapons, fuel and manoeuvring engine clusters


Watching Gundam Unicorn RE:0096 this week, Daisuki managed to insert an ad into the opening credits, about 10 seconds before they ended. Good going, guys!


(US only, it appears)


Ooooh! I’ve never seen that. I know what I’m looking for this weekend!


Macross Delta episodes 7&8:

Walkure and Delta platoon infiltrate planet Voldor, originally populated by uplifted catpeople - so everyone’s got cat ears on, Frejya deploys weapons grade cat puns, and Hayate’s allergies play havoc with them. The team are on-world to figure out why the Windemerans are targeting certain worlds and how they’re introducing the Var syndrome before they strike.

The first of these episodes puts Reina and Makina in the spotlight as they hack their way through the defense network around the planet, and later to gain access to the protoculture ruins at which the Windemerans are doing Nefarious Things. It turns out that the pair hated each other when they first met and are now the closest of friends (which makes me think they’re doing the close schoolgirl crush-type relationship beloved of anime rather than them being a couple).

The second episode has Hayate, Mirage, and Frejya in direct confrontation with the Aerial Knights while the rest of the team works to meet back up, and Messer begins to show symptoms of being infected with Var…

These two episodes continue to keep the story moving forward at a good pace, and I quite like that there’s a little bit of new information on the overall plot every episode. I’m waiting for a big WHAM episode that shakes everything up though, like Macross Frontier did with the Galia IV arc halfway through the show. The animation remains top-notch, especially during the musical numbers and dogfights.


Started watching Joker Game today. Anyone else watching it?