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Animated Spidey movie coming from Sony


This is a fantastic idea:



A great move. I said in the last Spidey thread that I thought Lord and Miller would be good picks for the new movie, but I think they’ll do even better with an animated feature.


We’re obviously going to get two Spideys…

… one High-School, MCU version which is more a coming-of-age story maybe?

One animated … I would guess, you were going to really differentiate it, you might try something like the Superior Saga; but considering Sony are so high on Sinister Six; I’m sure it’ll be Spidey vs Sinister Six (more toys too).

The important questions for me is, when they say Animated; do they mean Pixar style 3D; or Disney Original 2D.

Considering the last big 2D release was what, “The Frog Princess”; I’d guess we’re getting a 3D, adult spidey, “Return of the Sinister Six” movie; which will lead to Superior Spider-Man.

From Marvel we’ll get High School Peter hunted by Kraven.


I’m looking forward more to the animated one after that news, although to be fair we don’t know who will be making the live action one yet. I’m hoping they go with Ken Loach.


That’s not a bad idea really.

I reckoned that it would have been a good tack to take with Fantastic Four as well.


It seems like reports from the Sony convention suggest that the animated films and the live-action films will share continuity …

… perhaps a way to do those big bombastic stories without sucking the budget dry?


Maybe it will be an Amazing Spider-Man/Spectacular Spider-Man type thing. Different titles sharing the same continuity and largely the same characters but telling different stories. That would be wildy ambitious but could be pretty cool.


That would be the way to do it; but reports are differing … some saying definitely same continuity, some saying definitely not…

… I guess we won’t know for a year or so.


Both DC and Marvel have put out some outstanding animated films and material. Full-tilt boogie on more classic animation and do it in 3D and this might just be the hook needed for the kids!

All we have to do is make sure it is exactly like Frozen!


I hope there are songs.


There will be.

Except it’ll be hip hop.