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I wondered if it might be worth having a separate thread from the regular movie news one for animated movies.

I just saw this news about the Toy Story sequel - an interesting and slightly unexpected direction for them to go in:

I was just watching Toy Story 3 the other day and thinking about how bold it was for them to get rid of Bo so casually at the start of that movie. Hope this lives up to the quality of the first three.


I like the poster:

I’d be interested to see if it’s the same Bo Peep. The Buzz figures are all, initially, interchangeable with the same personality, so would any other Bo Peep figure be the same as the one Andy had?

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Why would you possibly make another Toy Story movie after basically the most perfect ending to a trilogy ever?

(I know, money, it was a rhetorical question, but still)


That’s what I’m worried about. I just can’t see anything following that ending. And the last time Lasseter made a point of saying just how personally involved he was in driving a project, we got Cars. :worried:

You think it could all go a bit Stepford Wives?

Re-watch and re-evaluate Cars, it’s great.

The Incredibles sequel has put the fear of god up me, the first one is one of my favourite films ever, it’s perfect to me. This one must not suck.

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Unfortunately I do on a regular basis (I have a two-year-old car-loving son so it’s mandatory). It has not got better with age.

It’s not just from an adult perspective either - it has long stretches of not a lot happening that lead my kids to completely lose interest and wander away to do something else. And they’ll watch all kinds of rubbish.

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Talking racing cars that race around! Kids these days are so jaded.

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It’s fine when they race around! They spend most of the movie not doing that, though. :slight_smile:

I’m not a snob when it comes to redneck culture but I can’t condone any movie in which Larry the Cable Guy voices a tow truck with buckteeth.

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I still find myself entertained by movies like Princess Kaguya and Song of the Sea more than Pixar or Dreamworks these days. Not that the latter are bad, though. KUNG FU PANDA, BIG HERO 6 and HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON are still more satisfying than the majority of live action films released.

Whilst I agree with this, I have to stress that I enjoy The Tale Of Princess Kaguya more than any films made in the last few years. Not really enjoyed anything Pixar since Brave.

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PIXAR has gotten a bit too gimmicky for me.

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I can see what you mean there, one thing I thought was severely lacking from Inside Out was innovation in terms of the visuals. A lot of people have come out and said that Inside Out is a return to form and are now slamming Brave, but I thought that Brave is one of the most natural films they’ve made, while Inside Out felt quite forced, like another studio’s idea of what Pixar film are but with Pixar’s top quality production. For me, the landscapes in Brave were really breathtaking, and they nailed the character’s clothes, the buildings, the animals, the supernatural element, I saw it as a big step forward. Then Brave got a bit of lukewarm reaction. Inside Out’s setting was too off-the-wall for me, I really didn’t warm to the inside of Riley’s head, it all felt arbitrarily wacky, with little spark. I absolutely loved the trailer, and had hoped that the film would be much more focused on the different people’s numbskulls interspersed into the human character’s interactions, like that dinner table scene. When they started setting up this whole universe of how they run Riley, it felt stretched way too thin.

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At heart INSIDE OUT is a bit disturbing. It’s sorta like body snatchers with these parasites in the brain.

But it is not my kinda movie anyway. BRAVE and UP had a lot of heart. I thought CARS and CARS 2 were fairly soulless, though. In the end, none of them live up to the example of Miyazaki’s films which are the closest comparison to American family films.

Miyazaki is something else completely though. I can’t think of any western film that compares to his stuff, really.


Day of tomorrow and plan to watch my two all time favourite animated flicks. Transformers: The Movie (1986) and Animalympics (1980).

A few updates on upcoming release dates for Pixar’s sequel projects:

Finding Dory: 17th July 2016
Cars 3: 16th June 2017 (jumping into Toy Story 4’s slot)
Toy Story 4: 15th June 2018
Incredibles 2: 21st June 2019

Wow, all sequels? I’m not sure how I feel about that. It seems like Disney is the new Pixar now. :wink: