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Angelina Jolie in MM'S "Empress"?


Very exciting news here.

I wonder if the man himself can tell us anything about this?


Already? Has issue one even come out yet?


These things are often in the works well before the comics appear. I seem to remember the announcement of Universal handling the Chrononauts adaptation was made the same week issue #1 came out.


I hope we hear more news about this soon.I hope Jolie does it.The Wachowskis,Timur Bekmambetov,Matthew Vaughn or Jeff Nichols could all be great choices to direct it.I notice that MM retweeted the story on Twitter when it came out.I wonder if this means that he is privy to any of this info? Jolie in a Millar space opera would be incredible.Any info Mark?


It’s not just Millar nowadays. Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen’s Descender got optioned by Sony just before the first issue came out. I heard of another one on a podcast the other day that escapes me at the moment.

It’s not that crazy if you think about it. Outside of book adaptations a large percentage of Hollywood films get optioned on a pitch, which is likely no more than what these guys have with the plot set out (Millar says he writes everything now knowing the ending) and character designs.


No, I wasn’t suggesting it was just Millar, Chrononauts was just the first example that came to mind.

Really it’s not that surprising that things get optioned so early these days, Hollywood has realised that there’s a wealth of great cinematic source material in these funnybooks, and it’s natural that they’d want to bag rights as early as possible.


Understood…but it was just Millar, he got the accusation of writing for the adaptation after Kick Ass was done before the comic had finished.

In the last year or two things are getting picked up before release or after just a few issues and not completed. It’s strange for comic adaptations but as I said when you look at it from the film biz angle it’s really business as usual.


Kick-Ass is a bit of a specific case though as the movie and comic were developed in tandem - MM has spoken before about how the planning for the movie (with Vaughn) fed back into the comic as he was writing it.

Either way, I always thought ‘accusing’ somebody of writing with an eye to adaptation was a bit silly. It’s unrealistic to ignore the fact that a commercial idea could have a life beyond the page, especially these days.


I think it’s only a problem when stuff like War Heroes remains unfinished after a studio buys the film rights. But considering that film doesn’t look likely to get made, I’m not really bothered.


Mark has 10 properties in various stages of movie development right now (Kingsman sequel, Jupiters Legacy, Nemesis, Superior, Starlight, Chrononauts, MPH, Supercrooks, American Jesus & War Heroes - the script was finished a long time ago). A family driven sci-fi adventure is an instant sell and green light given the lack of options available in the marketplace.


The Wanted movie was in development based only on the first issue too, IIRC.


People amusingly think there’s only as much of a story as has been published :slightly_smiling:

Empress written entirely last year and sold after last issue written. I don’t let studios see anything now until all done.

Am on #3 of Capullo project and will let studios see around May when the first volume is 100% done. I tend to write around one year ahead of publishing.



Can you tell us which studio has bought the rights to “Empress” Mark?


I’m itching to hear more about this one. Hoping to meet Capullo in a couple weeks at C2E2.