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Andy Taylor Art Thread


Hey all!

I used to post my student work and such back during the CLINT submission days and accidentally drifted away. I’ve been working on these short slice of life comics that I really hope are easy to relate to and/or entertaining. I’d never really done fan art until recently and have been having a lot of fun with it.

I wanted to go with a bit of a Halloween theme for this first comic, depicting an interaction I had at a con while waiting for a portfolio review.

I think every artist wants to play with the wordless comic at some point and I really wanted to try a very short story that not only didn’t need dialogue, but might be ruined by it. Which fights against my instincts, because I love dialogue heavy comics.

And now some fan art! Thanks for sticking through to the end!


Beautiful work man. I really enjoyed this!


Thanks, man! I hope to see you around when I post more.


A few more fan art pieces.


After almost a year hiatus, I’m finally able to post again! Hoping to do so regularly as well as chatting it up. Thanks for looking, all feedback welcome and appreciated.


Colored a page from the last post as a bit of a warm-up.


I figured it was time to update my self portrait, since I age about ten years every six months. It’s pretty rough.


Sometimes there’s a little Jeff Smith in there, as in your self-portrait. That’s cool.


Oh, wow! That made my day, I don’t think anyone’s mentioned a Jeff Smith influence before. I think you’re right that it does kind of come through sometimes, I’ve never thought about it. Thanks!


Is that Storm in the Deadpool piece? Because that looks like Jeff Smith-style art, too. I love it, especially since it doesn’t dominate your work.


It is Storm! Thanks, I kind of see it now too. It’s strange. When I started drawing, I just wanted to be Mike Golden.


Those are good standards to follow!