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Hi, I’m new here, I’m from Indonesia, Almost 11 year I’m building my portfolio, but it end nowhere, so I take regular job, and forget about my artwork, and now on, I leave my regular job and doing more seriously about my portfolio now, it’s the first start, a Batman Sample Pages, any feedback or anything to improving me, are much welcome :slight_smile:

So sorry about my English btw :slight_smile:


Another sample pages, Magneto, script by William Ward


Another Nova painting, after I saw Raf Grassetti costume desgn for Nova, it blown me up, I wanna do this


Arlena, recreated from my old project 2008

Too bad, the publisher reject it and went bankrupt when I started second story for Arlena, first one about a girl try to survive in zombie apocalypse with only her martial arts skill, second story is about Arlena got addicted with drugs.


Nice work.


Thank you :hugs: