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Andrew Law's Art Thread


Hi! I am new here so basically most my art is pencils/inks comicart with a fantasy/sci-fi preference.


Welcome to Millarworld!

Those are great, Andrew! Good composition and fantastic detail.

Do you have any sequential art you can show?


yep i was just looking for it, these are pages from Tikki’s Giant which i self published.


That is fantastic!

You have a good sense of storytelling with your art.


Thanks Todd!


Howdy Andrew! Welcome to MW!

Aw, crap. Just go to the head of the line, willya?

Really love the B&W shot in the woods!


Thank you Miqque!

Thanks for the compliments! The shot in the woods is from the next comic i am working on.


Hi Andrew,

Welcome to the board, buddy.
the post look amazing!
My only criticism is that there is a real lack of Daredevil in your samples!
just saying! :wink:

Keep posting!


Haha Thanks!!!

i do have a daredevil sketch around here somewhere that i did after watching the new show


All i’m hearing is excuses and not seeing any proof! :wink:


but… but… but i haven’t finished it yet :stuck_out_tongue:


Unfortunately, excuses are like arse holes…everyone has got one! :smiley:


and then there is the old “i do not make excuses, i give reasons” which always sounded like the biggest excuse :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


sound very excusey to me! :wink:
DD chop chop!


I love the path through the forest, that’s a really beautiful composition. The sort of thing you would find in old illustrated fantasy books (that don’t seem to exist any more).


Thanks davidm! I am of the belief that the scenery and background can be a strong character that only adds to your story