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And the Kick-Ass PR competition winner is...



A 15 year old kid who turns a live-action trailer around overnight including costumes and roping both parents in as actors? This was awesome.

A Mental Kick-Ass marketing stunt for you!

Well done, Amber!



Great job, Amber!



Well done, Team Amber!!




Thanks so much Mark! We tried to stay up for the results but went down at midnight our time (8 hrs behind Scotland). She’s been ecstatic since yesterday’s twitter storm! I’m going to wake her up with the news before I leave for work today. :slight_smile:
Again, this is a great way to launch a new series and doing this as a family is about as good as it gets.
She’s got a great plan for the Hit-Girl release next week, when she told me about I I laughed my ass off! We’re suiting up as BD, HG and NB for Emerald City Comic-con in a few weeks. Patience might make an appearance too! :wink:


You and your family are legends, big man

I love seeing the photos in the pic thread and reading about your latest exploits!

Glad Amber won this mate, well done!!