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An Interview...and some comic making advice...


So, 2017 came and went way too quickly.
apparently I had a good year…


For the Monday crowd :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You so busy


No one is gonna hand it to me, buddy!
Gotta just get out there make more comics and bang my own drum LOUD!
maybe, just maybe one day a publisher will notice me…


Good interview. Apart from not answering my burning question around how you find the time, it did answer the other question I had, which was around how you decide what the next project’s going to be (ie #2 to an existing title OR a new title). Also, good to know you had some of these ideas floating around for a while, rather than just being a prolific hits factory. Makes you more… human. :slight_smile:


How do i find the time?
That’s easy to answer…a normal day consists of:

6am: Wake up…
6:30-8:30: Comic work…writing, lettering, colouring etc
8:30- 12:30: Day job!
12:30-1:30: MORE COMIC WORK
1:30-5:30: Day job!
5:30-7:30: EVEN More comic work
7:30-10:00: Time with my wife, eat, shower
10:00-6:00: Sleep

If i am out on meeting with my day job, i always go to a food court i like at silly o’clock in the morning and start writing before i go to my 1st meeting…lunch time i’ll rock up at similar or coffee shop and work there.
The evening Comic session is shorter because i have to allow for travel, but apart from that, i try not to deviate.


I’m a writer…i can write anywhere…earphones in and off i go. :smiley:

been doing this for 8 years, buddy…i’ve always got ideas…got notebooks full of cool Scenes, jokes, Twists…

So, i always have scripts ready, but if an artist i like approaches me wanting to work with me and i have the funds to do so, i usually ask them, what do you “like” to draw or genre and i just “go to the well” and build a story around it. :wink:

why is there never Marvel or DC editor around when you need one! :rofl:


Your tweet about your schedule inspired me to set the alarm back to 6.30am, just to give me 45 minutes of art time in the morning. You go, girl.


6:30? i do miss a lay in


Just started getting up to work in a coffee house for an hour before work, which is… tiring, but also getting the work out at a decent pace.

TBH my biggest impediment to getting longer comics done is money VS indecisiveness - I’ve done some shorter stuff (insert plug here) and enjoyed it, but deciding I love a script enough to drop the necessary cash to pay an artist is taking a while. The short stories are a lot of fun though.


if you liked it THAT to write i’d just make it, but if you are unsure, rewrite it until you LOVE it! :yum:


But what if it’s never perfect…? (I’ll get there in the end.)


then you are a REAL artist, my friend. :wink:
Its never gonna be perfect…just tell the stories you wanna tell