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An appreciation of Steve Ditko


As comic book readers, we’ve lost so many of our legendary creators that I can’t believe Steve Ditko, at 88, is still going strong. I was so happy to support Ditko and Robin Snyder’s most recent Kickstarter, and I believe another will start in December. We all know the horror stories about the early, sweatshop days of the industry, and the battles for rights and recognition that so many struggled for, so it is nice to be able to give back to a creator who has given our imaginations so much.

It will be 50 years since Ditko left his most famous creation, Spider-Man. If you have a minute, I wrote an article about why we are still so fascinated by that departure, as well as an appreciation for Ditko’s other work, including the controversial Mr. A. Honestly, I do not see the controversy, as the character brings evil doers to justice in the tradition of super heroes and the pulps, but Ditko’s slant on it elicited provocative reactions.

I hope you enjoy it:


Great artist ,great piece , great read .


I think the issue comes from an ideological viewpoint from Ayn Rand’s writings about ‘objectivism’. Everything is black and white with no grey areas and an emphasis on the individual above society.

It’s all kind of ironic in reality though and covers many grey areas. Randian philosophy has most often been used to excuse elitism and greed but Ditko really has done the opposite, he hides away with almost no photographs of him and is known to have drawn over priceless work without a care. He’s thrown away a fortune he could have made doing Spider-Man sketches etc.

He’s a man of quite a few contradictions, apparently very easily contacted and approachable in person but strictly refuses to be recorded in any way. This show was a great example:

*there’s a big error in that show by the way when it says Millar is the first and only Brit to have done a run on Spider-Man, Paul Jenkins did many more issues years before.


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How did I have no idea he’s still publishing work?! I’m not the biggest Ditko fan, his art have never really appealed to me, but the fact that one of the biggest names in comics history is still alive and publishing is astounding. It’s like the writer says, it’s as if Orson Welles was still putting out films (apart from, y’know, being dead).


I guess Rand was so devastated by communism that she viewed capitalism almost as a kind of salvation. Objectivism can certainly seem cold, from what I remember reading of it. Things like, why should the man in the big office share his wealth with the janitor; the janitor should have the ambition to better himself and work in his own big office.
The handful of Mr. A stories I’ve read are a bit more black and white than that, as he is still a hero chasing antagonists who choose to commit crimes. I can imagine it as a radio drama, like the Shadow.


Well, zombies are in.


Your more than welcome.