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American Jesus sequel with Peter Gross announced...


It’s real. Finally. And before the real Jesus even gets back! Been a long time coming, my friends…



Excellent news - on both fronts.


Great news!


About damned time!

y’see whut I done did there? :laughing:


That’s great you’ve got Peter Gross on art duties.


I love your afterward to the original series in the Image trade…how you describe Jesus?
It’s amazing.

Cannot wait for this volume.


Wow! So Millarworld sequels! Is there any others in the works at any stages?? Wanted and Nemesis were my favorite books for years and both end in ways that BEG for sequels!
I’m stoked for Supercrooks Bounty Hunter! 2017 is gonna be DOPE!!!


No wanted plans, but Nemesis absolutely. The opening lines “We rule you, we fool you”



Holy chit! I’m going to go reread it now! I’m sooooo hyped for more Nemesis!! Wanted more right away! Just didn’t want it to end! Dang Nemesis 2 cannot happen soon enough! Thank you Sir!


BAM! Bring 'em on.