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American Jesus, Mark of the Beast, Mike Bangert


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PAGE ONE (four panels)
1/ Jodie and his friends are on a grassy hill by a tall tree. 1John is sniffing the open lid of a 2 liter soda bottle with a purple liquid in it.
1JOHN: It smells kinda the same.

2/ 1John is about to take a sip from the bottle.

3/ The other John, 2John puts a hand over the bottle to stop him.
2JOHN: Wait, let’s bring this home and see if it smells it like Dad’s stash.

4/ 1John stuffing the bottle into his backpack.

PAGE TWO (five panels)
1/ View of Johns’ house with sidewall removed. Johns are upstairs in their dad’s closet pulling down a box marked ‘Taxes / Receipts’. Their dad is downstairs, (staircase should be visible) right below the closet, on the couch looking up at the ceiling. Indicate noises coming from closet that the dad can hear.

2/ Same view of the house. Inside the closet, both Johns are kneeling over the Taxes box with the lid removed. The couch downstairs is empty. Dad is creeping up the stairs.

3/ Inside the Taxes box are bottles of alcohol. 1John is holding a bottle, unscrewing the lid.

4/ Their dad comes into the closet.
DAD: John, John?

5/ Dad grabs the 1John who is sniffing the open bottle.

PAGE THREE (five panels)
1/ Dad whacks 1John who was holding the container.

2/ 1John and the alcohol fall to the floor.

3/ The Dad picks up the 2 litter bottle that is sitting by the open back pack.

4/ Dad is examining the soda bottle.
DAD: Where did you get this?
1JOHN: Our friend turned water into wine.

5/ The Dad hits 1John again.
DAD: Don’t you blaspheme in my house.

PAGE FOUR (four panels)
1/ Jodie and his friends are out at the recess yard by the monkey bars. 2John is present but not John 1.
2JOHN: His face is all bruised, and Dad’s making him stay home.

2/ Some of the friends look taken back in mutual grief, including Jodie. 2John is shaking his head.
JODIE: Why don’t I come over and heal John in front of your dad?
2JOHN: Nah he won’t let anyone in.

3/ Maggie hands Jodie her clipboard.
JODIE: You read my mind.

4/ Jodie is signing his name on an otherwise blank sheet of paper.
JODIE: Hand this to John, I believe this will heal him.

PAGE FIVE (five panels)
1/ 2John approaches 1John who is laying on the bottom bunk bed. 2John is handing 1John the paper from Jodie.
2JOHN: Jodie gave me something that should heal you.

2/ 1John is holding the piece of paper. His face is still bruised. His eyebrows are forrowed reading the signature.

3/ 1Johns is looking in a mirror in the bedroom, with 2John standing behind him. 1John face is healed.
1JOHN: God damn.

4/ 1John is sitting on the bottom bunk again. He is holding the piece of paper over his right wrist.
1JOHN: If I was older, I’d run right to the tattoo place and get this traced right on!

5/ 2John is laughing, putting the paper onto his forehead.
2JOHN: Me too, we’d be indestructible and I’d want everyone to know it!


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